Ah yesterday, it was a beautiful Saturday. Plans of just kickin' it with some flashback movies, delicious food and blogging (of course). Toss in a load of laundry and dishes to give the weekend day a slightly productive feel and voila! A perfectly spent Saturday. :) That is until I sat down to blog. My work station was set perfectly, as always. Fully charged laptop... notebooks & pen to jot down/ refer to different ideas & quotes... "Stitches & Scars" playlists vibrating through my headphones... iced caramel macchiato and a beautiful afternoon. The creative stage was set, then as I click the WordPress icon to begin spazzin' out thoughts like a Mad Hatter... nothing. Yep, good ol' writer's block decided to rain on my parade.

Writer's block, it's a writer's nightmare... it's our kryptonite. Every time this monster invades the creative section of my mind the only thing that breaks  out is chaos. The damn thing is nearly debilitating, causing a stress storm. Every writer experiences this, there's no escaping it and no immunity from it. Levels of how debilitating and it's occurrence ranges depending on the person. To be honest, I believe that any person in the artistic field has a "block". Artists... writers... chefs... actors... photographers... any career that involves tapping into one's creative pool everyday can cause a blown fuses from time to time. Everyone has a way with coping with it as well.

I have learned over the years that for me personally, the best way to deal and recover from the kryptonic bug is to take a step back and breathe. Stressing out while frustratingly starring at a glowing blank screen isn't going to unblock the inner insanity. Staying inside your office or home stewing in that stress while mentally beating yourself up doesn't do the trick either. Trust me, if you keep yourself stuck in the middle of the chaos of writer's block, sooner or later your laptop will start to mock you. ;) 

Even though I say that none of the above actions will help you to ending the block doesn't mean that I myself don't still mentally beat myself up or stress out over a blank screen. Even though I pull myself out of the "hazardous" zone physically doesn't mean that I'm out completely. I did indeed step away from my laptop after 2 hours and 37 minutes of nothing, went into the living room and watched The Sum of all Fears. Then proceeded to continue on with the rest of my day while constantly on standby if/when a thought bubble popped into my head and the flow of words became available. And they did, at 4:30 this morning, but I was too comfy in bed so... yeah, there was no way I was moving to grab my laptop. I did grab my phone and type a note... "next blog topic, writer's block and what a bitch it can be, like karma, but that's another topic for another day..." :)

So, there it is, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. ;) How do you handle your block?


Published by Derra Sabo