When I was first invited to post on My Trending Stories, I was told to write something great. Something that would grab the reader's attention, making them hunger for more. After all, it is my first post. And firsts are extremely important. Like it or not, they’re impossible to forget. So pen in hand, I sat down to write an astounding post.

It didn’t happen.

I was missing one of the most important things you need when you write: inspiration. My mind was blank. What was I to write? I had my pen and paper, or laptop if you prefer. But without inspiration, those things are useless. What is the point of having something if you don’t know what to do with it?

So instead of writing that amazing article I was hoping to write, I made something else. Instead of writing something that would blow you readers away, I wrote something that would help you readers blow me away. Here are five ways to find inspiration and cure writer’s block.

  1. Read! A lot! Not only you get to enjoy an amazing story, you get to extract some ideas from whatever novel you are enjoying. As well, good writing can influence how you write. In a good way. Don’t plagiarize, though. If you get sued, I’m not the one to blame.

  2. Clear your head. Go for a walk. Exercise. Meet up with friends. Maybe you just need a break from writing. Don’t overwork yourself. It does no use to stare at your screen hoping for an idea to pop into your head. Try something else instead. After a day or two, you can start again.

  3. Prompt yourself! Maybe look at a piece of art and force yourself to pour your thoughts down. Not to mention that there are tons of internet resources to help you with this. It doesn’t matter if whatever you wrote was terrible, at least you wrote something! (In fact, write as badly as you want—no one will see.)

  4. Keep a journal. If all else fails, write about your day. What did you do? What did you think? Maybe try switching things up a bit. Instead of writing in first person, try writing in 3rd person.

  5. Try something new. Instead of writing, draw a bit. Sing. Dance. Bake a cake. Just as long as you get your mind off of writing to do something else that is creative.

So there you go! Five ways to cure writer’s block. And if all else fails, just write. Sometimes, it’s the only thing that will work. You just have to try.

What do you do to cure writer’s block? Tell me in the comments below!

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