The networks have all but set their drama pilots for this season, and I have mixed feelings.  Let’s take a look, starting with ABC.

ABC has set two limited series, Ten Days in the Valley and Inhumans.  Ten Days in the Valley stars Kyra Sedgwick as a television producer whose daughter goes missing in a way that seems to mirror the fictional show she oversees.  Inhumans is the latest Marvel comics’ series to hit the airwaves.

As for pilots, Spoiler TV has been keeping me up to date on the latest pickups.  ABC is looking to get back in business with Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry, picking up his untitled project about a small town Sherriff and an FBI agent who come together to investigate an apparent act of terrorism and uncover the surprising secrets of the Sherriff’s hometown.  The network has also picked up a new Shondaland project, this one focusing on a group of lawyer who work on opposite sides of a courtroom in New York.

ABC has also been looking to replace former hit Castle, which followed a writer who worked with the police to solve crimes.  To that end the net has picked up Deception, which follows a magician who works with the police to solve crimes.  A seemingly ridiculous idea, and not a project I was hoping to see picked up, but perhaps with the right actor in the lead, it could find an audience.

The net has also picked up The Crossing, a timely project about refugees seeking a new home in America.  The twist here is that the refugees are also from America, albeit an America of the distant future.  An intriguing concept, but one that may be better suited to a movie or miniseries than a long-term show.  The same could perhaps be said for another ABC pickup, Doomsday.  This show follows a group who had worked together to come up with disaster scenarios and their possible solutions, who come back together when the disasters they brainstormed begin to come true.

The ABC project I have the least amount of interest in is The Good Doctor, a new show from House creator David Shore.  It pretty much seems to be a new version of House, which get a meh from me, but with a solid cast, who knows what will happen?  A close second (second last) is The Gospel of Kevin, about a man who is tasked by God with saving the world.  Another pilot I have little interest in is Las Reinas, about a detective who grew up in a crime family.  So like Gang Related from a few years ago, except with a female lead.

ABC’s last two pickups, at least as of this writing, are Unit Zero and Salamander.   Unit Zero follows a group of unlikely spies, while Salamander tells the story of the agents tracking a bank robber who steals safety deposit boxes belonging to the rich and powerful, setting in motion a conspiracy.

My main disappointment is that Hyperion, said to be built on Disney Park mythology, has apparently been passed over, though the same creators are behind The Gospel of Kevin.  Personally, I was more interested in Hyperion.

Published by Andrew Clendening