“There's always a story. It's all stories, really. The sun coming up every day is a story. Everything's got a story in it. Change the story, change the world.”

Today I would like to talk about people and their ability to want and change something. We were born one day and were growing up, firstly very quickly and after some time it goes slower and slower. This is the time when we are trying to figure out the mystical question ,,What's next?" 

Well, as you all already know, it is individual. People are trying to figure out within the years who are they, which profession is supposed to be theirs, which way are they supposed to go...and so many other questions. 

There is a change every time someone do something in this world. It is not a major kind of change like the visible one, but there is still a change. Whether it is a personal change or melting your sugar in your morning coffee. 

I was thinking, that everyday we change the world, which is a nice thought, until I realized, that yea, we do change the world but to change the world in a way that means anything, it takes such a long period of time. It never happens in one minute, one day, one week, one month...it's slow, it's exhausting. It's something that most of the people don't even have the stomach for. 

There is always one person in a group, that is trying to be heard, that is trying to do something that will be memorized one day, that the world will know him by the name, that he will do something that will change the society...
It is generally known, that people want to leave something here after they die, because nobody wants to die alone just like that, without being heard, without doing everything that they've planned for so many years, without achieving something. But at this point it doesn't really matter what you do, as long as you touch it and after you leave it, the change will be visible for other people to watch it and realize what just happened here. 

The person will be eager to risk everything to change something they've been fighting for for so long, because if you really want something, nothing will stop you, nothing will bother you and noone will tell you what to do. Because that's how you've always wanted it.

Because we are all gonna be stories one day, so let them be marvelous.

Nina ∞ 



Published by Nina S