My name is Julie, i am 22 years old and i have lived my whole life in Denmark.
Well until March 2016.
I grew up in a small village called Kølstrup with less than 200 people, with my parents and my older brother.
In 2012 i moved to a bigger city (the biggest city on the island Fyn) Odense. I lived there for three years with my adorable dog Precious.
In the fall 2014 i ‘met’ Abraham (my husband) on 9gag, and LOL which he convinced me to start playing. One thing left to another and I ordered a plane ticket to leave Europe for the first time in my life.
After that we decided to get married, which we did in Denmark, December 29 2015, in the village church in Kølstrup.
This was also Abraham’s first trip to Denmark, and first time he met my family and friends.
In March I finally packed my stuff and left with Precious to live with Abraham in Riverside, California.
My plan here is still not clear, but in August i will be starting online classes at my old school in Denmark.
My husband works a lot, and he just got a new job in Orange County which means that he will be home late a lot. I therefor need to start finding some hobbies and friends so i can start my own life here, and not only live his.
I already have a cooking blog going on, with recipes for some of the dishes I make, and I am also playing with the idea of starting a small baking business, if possible.
I love to bake and learned that baking from scratch isn’t as normal here, as where I grew up, so who knows, maybe I can make it work.

Published by Julie Røjsmose