My most recent trip within Mexico was to the city of Puebla. 

My first impression of Puebla was like if it was one of those beautiful Mexican magic towns… you know, the big plaza full of trees in front of the huge impressive grey cathedral and colonial buildings all around, plus after walking further away from that, I found the brightly colorful old houses lined along the narrow stoned streets. But well, that was just its Downtown.

As it happens, Puebla ended up being much more than the typical colonial Mexican landscape. It is a relatively big booming industrial city. It is funny how the modern part of it reminded me of Fort Lauderdale (United States) – yes, despite the fact that Puebla is 18,410ft above sea level. My boyfriend and I went to see the cool ¨Star of Puebla¨, which is the largest observatory wheel in Latin America, it was very nice… you can see the whole city from it, so if you happen to be in Puebla, you have to go pay a visit to the Star. And then on the way to Cholula the landscape reminded me of Boston (United States)… so it was interesting to see so much contrast in one same city.

Talking about Cholula, we couldn’t go to Puebla and not go to Cholula, at least to the famous Pyramid of Cholula. Did you guys know that Cholula is the oldest living town in the whole American continent? Well, it is! How cool is that? Besides, the pyramid is also the biggest in the world, not the tallest, but the biggest. If you pay a visit, you may want to go in though the little narrow tunnels, which are a big claustrophobic, but worth the experience.

On the top of the pyramid, visitors can also visit the church and take a 360 degrees look at the cities of Puebla and Cholula.

As for the hotel… Before booking one, I looked up on the Internet for reviews and photos of Casareyna Hotel and I have to say I doubted since the photos did not seemed so appealing, but I booked it anyway, and I am so glad I did! What a beautiful boutique hotel. The building is well kept, spacious, bright, and looks modern despite its colonial architecture. The rooms are very confortable and have a cute decoration. Also, the most recommended restaurant in the city is Casareyna´s restaurant, which is supposed to offer the best traditional ¨mole poblano¨ in the city. I am not a fan of spicy food, but I definitely had to try it, and so I did… I liked it and I enjoyed it. 

If anyone has any additional tips when visiting Puebla, please let me know if the comments below!


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