Travelling is something that always develops you as a person and also broadens your perception of the world. So if you have money and time, travel and a lot. If you don’t have money or the time, try to travel still as much as you can.
Travel to different places and don’t just do the same trip on a yearly basis. Challenge yourself, broaden your experience of the world and live your life. I have been lucky to travel around the world from business and personal vise. I thought I’d shared some of my experiences and best practises what I’ve learned during the years of travelling and here is part one where we’ll cover baggage.


Travel light – If possible just bring one bag for your clothes and a briefcase for your laptop and electronics. Depends on where you are going, but I like to dress up in jeans, sneakers, t-shirt and a blazer. Everything else I pack in the bag I have. Usually you really don’t  need that much stuff when you are travelling and majority of things you can just buy if you forget something. Travelling light you’ll save a lot of time by doing self/online check in + don’t have to drop/wait for bags at the airport. On my trip to California I had the following items with me and I was carrying only hand baggage.

2016-05-30 09.15.33

BART ride to San Francisco with my recession time Steve Jobs outfit

  • Following items were stored in my “burglar bag” that I bought from River Island shop in Estonia. It’s black, leatherish and is super good to carry.
  • Nudie Jeans – Amazing fit, comfy as hell and just something you can wear anywhere
  • Zara Jeans – My way of blending in as these jeans have holes in the knees
  • Champion shorts – For my Baywatch moment of being Mitch Buchannon
  • J. Lindeberg tank top – I actually like to wear tank top even with T-shirts
  • Zara t-shirt – Had this hipsterish blue flower t-shirt for again to blend in
  • Jack and Jones t-shirt – This one is a trusty companion also in my arsenal. It works superbly with a blazer as it has a v-shape on the neck. It worked pretty nicely in California.
  • Calvin Klein tank top – I was wearing a white dress shirt and hence a tank top under it is a must
  • H&M white dress shirt – Easy iron just makes your life easy.
  • Nike sneakers – For long walks even though I noticed that I had too short socks and I got bad blisters on the first day
  • Vagabond brown leather shoes – These have been my trusted shoes for many years already. They are comfy, look good and are usable in multiple style of events. You can see that they’ve seen a lot, but that just builds up character
  • Polaroid sunglasses – It was California, sun was shining so Polaroids were obligatory
  • 4 x boxers and socks – The obligatory ones (Björn BorgTiger of Sweden)
  • Marimekko toilet pouch – Which holds all the necessary (Toothbrush, toothpaste, Lanvin Perfume, Osis hairwax)

Then I had my trusty Yamaha laptop bag that my dad gave me long time ago. He received the bag from a music technology convention and it has been running with me around the world.

  • MacBook Pro – Can’t leave without it anywhere
  • Charger for Mac – Obvious
  • AudioTechnica headphones – These were a great choice as I got them free in a bundle that I bought. These do cancel noise quite nicely even though they are not Bose QC25.
  • Power converters – For loading up my batteries for Mac and iPhone


As you can see a lot of stuff can be fitted for a one week trip and I even felt that two pair of jeans were too much. I feel that I can still adjust the amount of things I bring with me. We’ll continue this series with Apps that are super useful and save your life during trips.

What’s your best practise and secrets to travelling light? I’d love to hear it out so leave me a comment what I missed out and etc.

2016-06-05 22.41.56

Somewhere over the world

Published by Juha Petteri Falck