Legendary rock band AC/DC has announced that the band has halted their tour.  The announcement came after singer Brian Johnson was warned that he is going deaf and that continued touring would very possibly cause him to completely lose his hearing.


The band was set to perform tour dates in Europe and the UK during the summer and now have postponed 10 dates on their US tour which the band has promised to make up later in the year, likely with another singer.  Whether or not Johnson will return as the lead singer again is unclear but now it certainly looks like his tenure is through.  If the band will remain a band also is unclear, as the band has had a couple of difficult and troubling years as guitarist Malcom Young has already left the group because of a dementia diagnosis and its onset. Not long after Young was forced to leave the group, drummer Phil Rudd was charged with attempting to procure a murder and drug possession.  The drummer was sentenced to eight months of home detention.    

Brian Johnson has been the group’s singer since 1980 after the band’s original singer, Bon Scott, passed away.  AC/DC has been a band for over 40 years and has a large and loyal fan base, their high energy rock and roll has produced such hits as “Back in black” and “Highway to Hell.”

While the band has postponed tour dates and may possibly be calling it quits, their website lists tour dates through June 12th, so at least for now, fans can still get to see the rockers in concert, but however likely without Brian Johnson.

Published by Ville Iso-Ahola