You did everything to get yourself back to the desired number on the scale. High intensity weight trainings, extended treadmill running hours in the gym, and even took the diet that was recommended. You’re excited to see yourself in the mirror. But why don’t you look the way you thought you would?

Are you standing there asking the same question?

First, let’s tell you that, you’re not alone. Many people lose weight, but are surprised by the unwanted end result.

The loose tummy rolls that are left over are actually disappointing. Even thighs and their slimness might not be as imagined and the arms still have the flabbiness than as they were before the diet. But if it happens to most people, is it normal?

Answer: Weight loss cannot be targeted towards specific spots. Gaining body weight, losing weight, and where you lose has a lot to do with your genetics. Some people gain and she off weight in the abdominal area, while the others gain and drop from the legs first and then the abdominal area. And for some people, it’s just sort of impossible to lose weight from an area they specifically desire.

Exercise helps. Good diet helps. However, sometimes, whether due to post pregnancy, improper sitting position, junk food, or any reason might deposit stubborn fat on the body, especially abdomen which becomes difficult to eliminate. Then exercise does not act as a surefire way for getting rid of such fat.

So, what do you do when you’ve achieved weight loss, but still have to deal with that bulge of fat on the tummy?

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck Surgery) - It’s true that the effort and work that was put into the abdominal does not matter if the a layer of skin still covers the muscles. And for most people the only way to get rid of this stubborn fat and skin is through Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck surgery) and similar solutions as liposuction. Liposuction is generally for people with adipose tissue in the abdominal area, while the procedure involves going under the skin in abdomen and sucking the fat out.

Most patients visit Crispin Plastic surgery centre for Tummy Tuck surgery in Atlanta even after a liposuction procedure. This surgical removal of fat removes and tightens the excess skin through a crescent shaped incision made above the pubic hairline.

 Patients who have a large amount of skin for removal and stretching will usually require a second circular incision around the naval for repositioning and adjusting it in the remaining skin. Once the incision is made, the skin is pulled, the excess skin is cut off and the skin is stitched back in place. This leaves a flat stomach to the patients.

The Importance of Continuing the Work Following Tummy Tuck Surgery

Although tummy tuck surgery will reward you with a tight and flat stomach, but that does not mean you should not work out your abdominal muscles. Whenever these muscles stop working, they shrink and are not visible. Fat will start accumulating in that specific area where the muscles have shrunken. Eating well and following a proper exercise routine will help you keep the flat stomach that you achieved after hard work and effort.

How to know if you’re a Tummy Tuck Candidate

The best way to know if you meet the requirements for being operated for Tummy tuck surgery or Liposuction or any other surgical procedure is to visit an expert plastic surgery doctor. A short consultation with the right surgeon can determine your suitability for the surgery and will be able to answer any and all your questions.

Generally surgeries were considered appropriate for middle age people, age groups 35 and onward, but as per advanced cosmetic surgery procedures, there is no cap to age. You can be of any age and have surgical procedure. While it is equally important for you take the surgeon in decision making. Before any surgical procedures, the surgeon will examine your body and conduct tests that will ensure whether you should get the procedure done or not.

If you have a stubborn belly bulge that has gone through tiring gym hours and perfect diets, but is still a part of your body. It’s time you take the step and visit a plastic surgeon. Tummy tuck surgery is an absolute way to show off your hard work and balanced diet – the struggle that has lead you to disappointment should not keep you feeling low.

However, it is always recommended that you complete your research and have thorough knowledge about the procedure. Read through the content available online, talk to the ones who already had the procedure done on them, and when you feel satisfied with your preparation – visit the surgeon! Surgery of any kind is surgery, it requires you to take anesthesia, be under knifes, take medication, and rest for weeks. So, prepare but keep a positive approach! Looking beautiful was never easy!

Published by sandeep Malik