Goals. Remember those things we set before a new year comes around? I get the feeling we have give up on or forgotten about most of those by now. So, why do we set them? Surely not to be pushed aside and forgotten! Goals are made to be achieved! So, how do we do that? I purpose two things:


1. S.M.A.RT Goals. You've probably heard of them. But have you tried it?

I present you with an example. One of my goals is to become ambidextrous. So, I made it a SMART goal.

  • S​pecific- Become Ambidextrous in writing
  • M​easurable- It can be measured! Progress will be shown in my writing as it improves.
  • A​ttainable- Yes, indeedy! I will attain this goal by writing each day with my right hand for at least 10 minutes.
  • R​elevant- This goal is worthwhile! It will be very helpful to me and will meet my needs.
  • ​T​imely- I will complete this by December 31st 2018

So there you have it. SMART goals are great!


2. SEE your goals daily. Literally.  One of my teachers shared a story about a man who wanted to be rich. That was his goal (fair enough). So, he put a $1 bill on the ceiling above his bed. Every morning he saw it and remembered ​I'm going to be rich one day! ​And guess what? He did.

So whether you want to be rich or be happy or own a business or loose weight or whatever your goal is, just see it every day. See yourself  ​having completed that goal. Because it is possible!


And that is it. Just work towards those goals and don't forget them!

As the thug from Tangled would say, "Go! Live your dream!"


Published by Trystan Langston