*Know where the shoe pinches to know where the cause of trouble or difficulty is*

Are you able to count, how many times have you ever thought about this sentence (title ↑) in your entire life?
Like every girl/woman in her life- when some relationship started to look "more than a hook up", so she was requiring this, proving that he loves you but with something that can be accepted as "action"- at least in her mind.
Pink glasses? Maybe a little.

My point?
Why do we say that one sentence  while sitting in a bar, with our girl friends, sipping coffee, in huge expectation, when most of the times words have the most effect on us?

For example, if somebody punches us in the face, after a little while (and a bruise or two) it fades away and we can move on with our lives somehow. i am not saying it never happened, bruises always disappear but  what about bruises on your heart and soul?
Today, when someone say some hurtful words to you, it can last a lifetime. If not lifetime → a very very long time.
I'd say, painful much?
The amount of pain, pricked right into the feels, takes such a long time to leave us. Those simple sentences which can make someone even insane or make somebody to eat himself/herself away.

Try to imagine a little race, words race, happening in your head, from side to side, in a circle- making a little tornado called Confusion, in your brain and corrupts your self image.
∴ People have the tendency to judge others according to their look, appearance- and the worst this, that the weaker ones start cracking and start to hide their true self away from the world.
∴ Someone says some bad stuff about your personality and after that there are options: A) Just admit it, maybe try to crack a joke because you are aware that you can be weird sometimes B) You shut people off because you are trying to fight with it but that's who you are for Christ sake.
∴ When someone says harsh things about the way you live your life and you get the feeling that you don't want to be around anymore and feeling a strong need to leave.

I think it's time.
For what?
It's time to realize, that a word, only a simple word, can destroy a person. You should think before you speak, like your mommy taught you a very long time ago. You have no knowledge about things that may be happening in one persons life.
At this point, I am not saying that requiring "action" is a bad thing or something, I would say it's very individual, how the person handles life in general. Remember that every single card had a backside and maybe if we all turn our minds around, there will be less harm and misunderstandings between people.

Well, maybe sometimes words speak louder than actions.

Think about it.


P.s: I so freaking love this new "Prisma" app, obsessing about it about a week or so.

Published by Nina S