Nanohydr8, the pre-workout supplement company, is a Utah based startup founded by Adam Legas after a failed real estate venture in the 2008 recession. Adam’s training in mixed martial arts, along with his belief and aim to provide multiple benefits in a single product, Nanohydr8, have proven vital in the success of the product.

Moreover, the nanotechnology found in Nanohydr8 has assisted him and his team in overcoming the challenges in a competitive market which already had well-established giants running the game. Nanohydr8 offers electrolyte supplement products that are manufactured by infusing nanotechnology with tried and true nutrients. This sets them apart from the existing electrolyte supplement product companies like Gatorade, Propel Water, Lucozade, etc. Unlike other products, Nanohydr8 specifically targets blood, bones, and muscles by instantaneously hydrating them with clean energy. These products are available in different flavors and stores nationwide and are suitable for people of all ages.

Nanohydr8 gets absorbed nearly instantly by the cells in our body, helping raise performance levels by boosting energy and focus. During a workout, Nanohydr8 delivers instant electrolyte replenishment by hydrating cells throughout the body. Post-workout it assists in muscle recovery through amino acids like BCAAs.

Researchers have been experimenting with nanotechnology for some time now, and the benefits that this technology brings has been quite prominent. However, there were no companies using this technology when it came to actual sports products. Nanohydr8 exploited this opportunity using their research by applying the same principles of nutrition that have worked in plants and animals; combining nanotechnology with proven supplements to improve human nutrition.

This technological advancement comfortably got Nanohydr8 through the dark clouds of struggle in their initial days in the energy drink space. This was greatly facilitated by the fact that several elite athletes, doctors and sports exercise experts recommend Nanohydr8 products for their nutritional value.

Nanohydr8 today holds an essential position in the American markets that will continue to strengthen more as time passes. However, much ground has yet to be covered as Nanohydr8 has no presence in the markets of Europe, Asia and the rest of the South American subcontinent.

The simplicity of this fitness product is a major highlight. No side-effects. You can have it right before your workout since it gets to work almost instantly. No more feeling like Tom Hanks at the gym who has been cast away.

One of the best things about Nanohydr8 is that it is safe for all. There are no age restrictions and it is safe for kids as well, unless parents want to keep caffeine intake in their kids to a minimum.

Nanohydr8 is an advanced pre-workout drink packed with revolutionary nanotechnology. It is safe and seemingly fast that have placed it well above the similar options in the market. Sooner we might get other products mimicking this science but till then Nanohydr8 is the one-stop solution to your workout needs. For all fitness freaks out there, Nanohydr8 is a sort of a timeless invention.

Moreover, some new company might utilize this technology and launch a similar product. Nanohydr8 is the first product in a line of many more to flood the markets in the near future. But in an industry which has been ruled by a few big names for the past decade, Nanohydr8 is the probable solution to the need of this generation.

If you’ve never heard of Nanotechnology in the Food Industry, here’s some insight into it:

The benefits of nanotechnology for the food industry are many and are expected to grow with time. This new, rapidly developing technology impacts every aspect of the food system from cultivation to food production to processing, packaging, transportation, shelf life, and bioavailability of nutrients.

Commercial applications of nanomaterials will continue to impact the food industry because of their unique and novel properties. Human exposure to nanomaterials, as a result, is increasing and will continue to increase with time. Therefore, the health impact of nanomaterials in food is of public interest and concern. Public acceptance of food and food-related products containing nanomaterials will depend on their safety. Consequently, a uniform international regulatory framework for nanotechnology in food is necessary.

The ability to quantify the nanomaterial throughout the food life cycle is critical for manufacturing consistency, safety and potential benefits of the consumer product. Public acceptance of food and food-related products containing nanomaterials will depend on their safety. A uniform international regulatory framework for nanotechnology in food is a must. 


Published by Qais Ahmadi