It’s undeniable that white kitchens are excellent. They look good in their simplicity, especially if you have an array of white cabinets, gleaming countertops, and white kitchen wall in it. However, it seems that there’s a missing piece.

You cannot just make the entire kitchen all white if you want to make it attractive. In your white kitchen, you need to put in a little bit of contrast to make it aesthetically appealing. A good solution is to bring another color to the kitchen island.

Here’s some list of kitchen island color ideas to make your white kitchen look attractive.

Crimson Kitchen Island

If you want to put on a quality that wows in your white kitchen, you need to make the color of your kitchen island crimson. This color is an ideal contrast to your overall white kitchen decor. It’s because the crimson color can transform your soft-colored kitchen into something interesting.

You can have another splash of red if you want. You can incorporate it in the curtains, in the sideboard, or in a kitchen appliance.

Purple Kitchen Island

There are some practical points to make your kitchen light and bright. Brightness in the kitchen can make it look more spacious and clean. However, leaving it all white and bright can create blandness after some time.

For you to avoid your kitchen to turn into something dull, you should add a purple color to your kitchen island. A purple color plays the quality of classy and fun, and it’s ideal to have in your white kitchen.

Yellow Kitchen Island

Sometimes, choosing a bright color for your kitchen island can be difficult, but a white kitchen and a yellow kitchen island makes for a perfect combination. A yellow kitchen island will make your kitchen attain some interesting character, especially if the kitchen is almost drowning in whiteness.

In this white color-themed kitchen and yellow island combination, you can also add some bits of another color like in the glasses in a white cabinet or a small green table.

Red-Orange Kitchen Island

With the red-orange kitchen island, you can guarantee that your kitchen will not be lacking in style statement. This color will add boldness to your white kitchen and, of course, a splash of an interesting element.

In it, you can also add stylish blue stools to create an attractive contrast aside from the red-orange island. Or, you can choose different shades of this color in the house painting that can contrast in the white kitchen for an ultimate effect.

Classy Black Kitchen Island

Classy and sophisticated. That’s what a black kitchen island can provide your white kitchen. It keeps it from being too conventional and bland, and it offers a modern appeal for your white kitchen by adding depth and glamour to it. So, if sophistication fascinates you, make a black and white combination in your kitchen.

Aquamarine Blue Kitchen Island

There’s simply something of the sea-blue color that makes you calm and relaxed. That’s why it would be an excellent idea to incorporate it into your white kitchen. You can put this color at the base of the kitchen island or the entire kitchen island itself. It’s a clean color combination idea that will surely add attractiveness to your kitchen.

Wood-Toned Kitchen Island


A wood-toned kitchen island is indeed a warm and welcoming addition to your white kitchen. If you have a wooden kitchen island, you will not need any more of paint, and it’s excellent to add style and character to your kitchen. As there are various colors of wood, you should make sure that you choose the right color that can coordinate with your kitchen decor.


A white color theme provides you the clean and bright look for your kitchen. However, it’s essential that you add a bit of another color to it to make it look interesting, and there are few brilliant ways to do it than in our kitchen island. You can take some cues from the tips above for that purpose. Sites like Paintstucco offer painting services to add value to your home.


Published by Zachary McGavin