I love ice cream! But most of the products I usually find are loaded with lots of sugar, artificial and unhealthy ingredients. To be honest, most of the ice cream I tasted was way too sweet for me.
So I was very lucky to find Alden’s Organic Ice Cream Bars at Sprouts Grocery Market. They are also available at Whole Foods Stores. I only bought Vanilla Fudge because I did not expect a satisfying experience. But guess what? – It just tasted so wonderful! So smooth and creamy and not too sweet.
Normally when I take Ice Cream out of my freezer, it takes a while until it melts a little bit, just the way I love it. But with Alden’s Ice Bars I didn’t have to wait. It is already soft, just right for me.
Since I was so impressed, I also bought the Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge because my desired brand, which is Strawberry, was not available at Sprouts. I am not a big friend of Peanut Butter, but this one tasted so unbelievably good. Next time I will shop at Whole Foods, hoping they have Strawberry available.
The price is just right. I paid $3.98 for a pack of 4 bars. Of course, the ice cream is organic, Non GMO, no artificial growth hormones, no artificial coloring, no antibiotics, no carrageenan, no high fructose corn syrup and is gluten free. And the good thing is, it has only 15g carbs. That’s perfect for me since I watch my carb intake very carefully.
For people allergic to nuts and peanuts I have to add that this product was produced in a facility that uses those.
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Published by Rosy V