Haha! Did I get you with the clickbait???

Well keep reading, it’s an amusing story…..

As a lover of a challenge, as well as a student of strengthening the body, I recently had a discussion with a couple of friends during lecture, conversation mainly consisting of our training. Then as usual I got mightily waaaaaay too competitive (after watching waaaaaay too many Louie Simmons videos) that this certain quote was thrown up, and will now live in infamy:

 “Man, honestly my training's going so well I definitely think that I could Bench 150kg by May”

What crossed my lips was met with laughs………

“There’s no way you can increase by a whole 50kg!!!!”

 “Seriously If you can raise it by 50kg in 5 months ill give you my car!”

So, after little thought I wagered £100 with two friends as a little motivation so I could reach the goal, always find that having a goal like this motivates you beyond belief.

Honestly I think there’s an actual possibility that I can increase my 1RM by 50%, now i know that this will be met by sniggers and shaking heads from the other side of the Laptop, but my philosophy is that if you want it, you can have it (With hard work and dedication anything is possible ), science and all the articles I write mean nothing without the will of the individual. Source: Me (2016).

 I’ve only given the bench a good visit during my new training  program, before that I loved just sitting on them looking macho. I know that this is going to take a lot of hard work  as well as a few plates of red meat a week, I truly feel I can hit this target and hopefully increase my other lifts! Looking to try a few methods of achieving this lift, such as focusing on certain parts of the lift, exploring different training styles and all that fun stuff.

Also, a small matter of wagering £200 with my friends is a unique training stimulus I guess!

I look forward to documenting this process and showing everyone that it can (or cannot) be done. What the mind believes the body achieves!

Published by Nathan Barnes