October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month and while it is an issue that I hold dear to my heart, giving birth to my Son made time speed by before I had a chance to speak about it.  However, there is never a bad time to talk about Breast Cancer Awareness and the preventative measures you can take.

It is nearly a year ago that life changed for my family.  In January 2016, I found out that my Mother, the woman I love most, has Breast Cancer.  I know several women whose lives have been touched by Breast Cancer- whether they were diagnosed themselves or it was their Mother, Sister, Aunt, Grandmother, Friend, the list goes on.  I always felt so saddened and angered that this was something they were going through but it was only when my Mother was diagnosed with it, that it became something I thought about every single day.

Until you go through it yourself, or you see someone fight Breast Cancer, you don’t truly think about everything involved.  Yes, you hear about chemotherapy, the possibility of losing hair and the nausea.  Information about the five possible mastectomies may be brought up and then, you may hear the word “radiation” but usually, that’s where it all ends.  You don’t think about the actual process of radiation, what it can do to the skin or the healing process.  You rarely hear about the hormone therapy afterward either.    Not everyone has the same experience when fighting Breast Cancer; treatment plans are unique to the person but in the end, it brings you into a community of those who are fighting the same battle as you and your loved one.  I could write several posts about what it’s like to see my Mother go through all that she has and continues to go through but I will leave those for other days.  What I would like to do now, is spread the information that you can use for yourself and that you will hopefully share with the women in your life.  Thanks to Adore Me, I am able to share with you this video that shows you how to give yourself a monthly breast exam and be sure to follow them for more videos on YouTube here.



 If you discover any unusual changes in your breasts while doing this exam, do not panic.  As the video says, 8 out of 10 lumps are not cancerous HOWEVER, be sure to get checked by your Doctor as soon as possible.  If the lumps aren’t cancerous, what else could they be?   An Abscess, Adenoma, Cyst… there are several possibilities that all come with their own treatments.  Here is a list of 9 other possibilities and their respective treatments.  Once again though, I cannot urge you enough – no matter what- to go see your Doctor.  It may end up saving your life.

Adore Me has been very helpful by offering these informative resources but maybe you haven’t heard of them yet!  Adore Me is a New York based lingerie company that is devoted to helping women feel strong and self-confident.  Whether it is in a cozy, warm PJ set, or in a more revealing lingerie set, all women deserve to feel beautiful. Unlike other lingerie sites, Adore Me, offers a monthly subscription service with two options. The first being a VIP membership, offering lingerie starting at $39.95 and every 6th lingerie is free, and the second being a Pay As You Go option (amazing prices for lingerie!).

They also have SO much more than just lingerie.  I can’t stay on their site for too long because I would want to buy everything.  Their collection includes Active Wear, Corsets, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Accessories, Lounge Wear and Bridal Sets.  Ever since becoming pregnant, I notice if a company offers maternity wear or not and I was so happy to see that they also have a large variety of maternity bras and outfits.  They also cater to women of every size with “plus size”options for the women with those lovely extra curves.  The following photos are a few Adore Me pieces that would be on my Wishlist but be sure to look at all of their collections including their more intimate pieces!


I don’t know about you, but companies that give back to others are the types of companies I like to purchase products from.  Adore Me knows how important it is for women to do monthly breast exams and have supported Breast Cancer Awareness in many ways.  One of which, was partnering with the PinkChoseMe Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to uplifting the lives of women who are cancer survivors as well as those living with cancer.  For every YouTube comment, YouTube thumbs up, Facebook reaction and Facebook share that the video received, $1 was donated by Adore Me to the PinkChoseMe Foundation.  I absolutely love that.

What would your Wishlist Items from Adore Me be?  Check out their site, choose your favorite items and share a picture of your favorite item on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #jtmadoreme or comment below!

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As always, thank you for reading!

Published by Joanna Ahti