The title itself is scandalous enough to get the attention of everybody. People have variety of thoughts about this book because of its main subject – Adultery.

But, what made me give this book a standing ovation – 5/5 Rating? Does that mean I am in favor of such malicious act?

Definitely No. But this book has given its readers a peek of what a 10-year old marriage would look like if couples would stop seeking for adventure and if they’d become complacent with their marital relationship.

When the spark of love has run out, people inside marriage will tend to get bored, will feel like everything is a routine and excitement is nowhere to be found, thus, man or woman might tend to seek such “adventure” outside marriage, hence, the adultery.

The novel sets ourselves into reality – that marriage requires everlasting commitment to your partner, in good times and in bad. That couple has to put an effort to make it work. Both parties must find their own way to keep the fire burning.

"Love isn't just a feeling; it's an art and like any art, 
it takes not only inspiration but also a lot of work."

Every person whether inside the blessing of matrimony or not, seeks adventure and excitement all the time.

"Life is not a long vacation, but a constant learning process."

That no matter how much you try to deny it, we love challenges, pressures and routine won’t keep us wherever we are right now. We need variety. And this is the reason why I love this book. Because it speaks the truth about life – that nobody wants to be stuck to where they are right now. Every now and then, challenges would keep you alive, no matter how tough it could be.

On the other hand, even if we love adventure, we have to think of the consequences of our actions too. Because in just a snap, you can lose everything you’ve worked hard for.

My favorite scene was when Linda was on top of the world flying with the eagle. I would love to have that experience too.

A book that will force you to examine your current phase in your life. – Are you stuck? – Are you currently seeking adventure? – Are you currently in a life adventure? – Or are you facing the consequences of that adventure?

Thank you again Paulo Coelho for that good read.:)

Other lines from the book.

"That's why we like fish in the aquarium. 
They remind us of ourselves; well fed but is 
incapable of moving beyond the glass walls."
"We are the one who created the messes in our heads. 
It does not come from the outside."
"To love is to transform slavery into freedom."
"Record things in your heart. It's more important 
than trying to show people what you're experiencing"

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