I never thought I would be coloring at the age of 59, much less enjoying it. I was shocked to find out that one thing we loved as children had become a favorite adult attraction. A fad for the older people of this world and something we can all enjoy now that it is becoming acceptable.

​Many adults like me suffer from many different mental disorders and need a distraction to take their minds off of their troubles present and future. Adult coloring does just that.

​It has become so large of a trend that companies are creating coloring books just for adults and they can be found all over whether online or in store.

​Adult coloring books are also a great way for adults to relax after a hard day at work. Some use it to start their days pleasantly or to end them calm and relaxed for bed.

​I always loved coloring as an adult, but I was also embarrassed. I bought the kids stuff and told people that they were for my grandkids.

​Now I have my own set of adult coloring books. I have a secret though! I actually prefer children's coloring books as some of the adult books are harder and have tiny pictures to color. I want it to be fun, not aggravating.

​Get your coloring supplies today and unwind. Part of the mindfulness program.

Published by Terri Smeigh