When running a business or company, customers are one of the most important factors for it to succeed. Yes, you may have the best products, world-class services, and the most hardworking employees but without clients to patronize you, your business is nothing. You may try several (digital) marketing strategies but not getting enough clients from your target market. Then you could try the Purchased Email List approach.

A purchased email list is a marketing strategy wherein you buy a list of email addresses of your potential new clients from reputable providers. This list usually contains a minimum of 500 people and their emails of your targeted prospects. You may be asking why you still need to purchase this list if you can just search it on the Internet. Purchasing email list is much easier and faster than trying to search it online. As people don’t usually share their personal information on the Internet, you could have a hard time searching and making a list of your own. It will be time-consuming and your efforts will be put to waste instead of you focusing on your business.

How effective is it to buy purchased email list? Since you will only buy the list from trusted providers, it will surely minimize your time and energy on research and it will maximize the number of your potential new clients. Of course, when buying the list, you should specify what and who your target people are like indicating the names, companies, industries, states, etc. This will help your list be more precise and be beneficial to your business. When you buy a purchased email list, it is best to clean your list first. Though you trust the provider who gave you the list, bad addresses can’t be avoided. Through this, you can send email effectively to everyone on the list.

When sending an email to the people who are on your list, it is best to approach them personally. Do not sound like it is a generated message so people will have interest in reading your email. You can start your message directing them with their first name for them to feel that message is intended for them. Also, avoid using your business email address and use your personal email as much as possible. It is the same as receiving spam messages, you don’t bother reading or opening it. Keep your message short by writing a paragraph or two to keep the recipient’s attention. And lastly, do not put the link to your website’s homepage. Instead, be specific on what page you want to show them of your expertise.

After sending emails to your potential clients, do not expect that your email will explode with their inquiries. But it is a good way of introducing your business to them that may lead to contacting you in the future. And when you closed a deal from the purchased list, you know that the ROI is a good investment.

Published by Yatin Arora