Information technology has invaded many areas of our lives. There are no smartphones, computers, laptops under 200, etc. and almost no modern person can imagine. In addition, until recently, fixed computers were still the limit of dreams, and now this field has been greatly expanded. It's no surprise that the era of portable devices like laptops has begun. The laptop market is growing faster than computers and technology, replenishing and demanding new models, and the market is rapidly improving. However, living in modern cities is simply the key, and most people are becoming more active and working hard to obtain new relevant information. Conscious of the latest developments in public and political life, a new impression is created, the opportunity to communicate with friends and to cultivate long-term business relationships. Therefore, HP laptops are the best innovative tool for all requirements. In addition, HP laptops have many advantages, but they also have some disadvantages, some of which are listed below:


Each technology product of today is characterized by a few key constraints but has limitations in other constraints. The same applies to HP laptops with advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before you buy a HP laptops model that you like on the market, it is important to become familiar with its unique features and limitations. Here we list the pros and cons of laptops so you can make better comparisons. 



The first big advantage of a portable computer over a stationary computer is mobility. The built-in HP laptop battery is lightweight and compact and makes moving from one place to another easier. Many models can be worn anytime and used in parks, cafes or cars. With this mobility, you can quickly access the data you need from anywhere. 

Finished product 

The laptop is easy to use and requires no additional devices. It has all the features like its own keyboard, a built-in mouse (touchpad), built-in speakers, a built-in microphone, and many HP laptops have a built-in camera and even a laptop cover with two built-in camera options on both sides.


Internet access is the second benefit of laptop demand as it allows wireless Internet access via Wi-Fi. However, this option can be fixed on a computer, but you can only connect to the network at home. You can bring your laptop to any café, restaurant, park, or other public place with Wi-Fi coverage and connect to the Internet. You can also install a SIM card on some laptops to access Mobile Internet 3G or 4G. 

Offline operation 

HP Laptops can also be easily used for a variety of presentations. In this case you do not have to rely on the technical equipment of the venue. Since the laptop can be used off-line (properly used) by the battery, this is not required even with the power connected. Right, the battery has a long life, but is not forever. 


Convenient computers are very portable due to their compact size. They can be put in a suitcase or backpack and easily brought from one place to another. For this reason, they are a very practical device that you can even take with you when traveling. You do not have to worry about delays in submitting work reports or sending important files from the system because you can work with your laptop a lot. By contrast, desktop computers are very large and consist of several components. 

Convenience of assembly

The laptop is very user-friendly, as the first steps take only a few minutes. Simply remove it from the packaging and press the power button to start the system. Your system is ready for use in just a few minutes. On the other hand, desktop computers need some time to install and get started. You also need more installation space than laptops. With a laptop, you can work on your lap while a desktop computer requires a formal desk.



Portable computers are more prone to damage than regular computers. For example, it is not uncommon for a laptop to fall, get wet, or sit on it. All this can lead to equipment failure. And the maintenance of portable computers is much more expensive than normal computers.

Unpredictable battery

Batteries installed in laptops can often be damaged because they are not permanent and therefore must be operated according to strict rules. In addition, many users are accustomed to powering the laptop as well as a stationary PC, which is the main cause of battery damage.

Reinstall the local operating system

It is very important that the laptop does not want to reinstall the operating system. The native system that comes with the notebook is best for it. However, it is necessary to switch to a different operating system. Function keys, laptop device drivers, and other issues may occur.


Published by Zubair Hassan