Air pollution has emerged into a global problem both indoors and outdoors. When it comes to a workshop, the situation is even worse. Be it the welding gases (carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and ozone), engine exhausts and fumes in a repair shop or the oily fog from cutting fluids in a mechanical workshop, all these contribute to create an unhealthy workplace.  We also know that the fumes are not really good for the health, so definitely the health of the workers is at stake in such situations. There are many potential risks that are involved if we are constantly exposed to the fumes of wielding. These can cause many problems ranging from Fume fever to throat and nose irritations. Therefore we have to make sure that we can get rid of the fumes of welding easily. One such popular method which is used worldwide is using the welding fume extractor. There are many advantages that we can get from using this equipment.  Here is a list of some of the important advantages:  

Greater Satisfaction for Employees

Providing a clean and comfortable working environment should be one of the priorities of an employer. Hence for the employees who are constantly exposed to fumes and dust, the fume extractor is a great way of making sure that they do not suffer greatly from its side effects.  The welding fume extractor will help them in getting rid of any type of excess fume immediately and hence will decrease the exposure of the workers to the harmful fumes making it much safer for them to continue working. Therefore as you can see that is a very important advantage that we cannot ignore at any cost.

Reducing Absenteeism

Fume extractors provide a healthy work environment by ensuring that all dangerous fumes are removed from the circulating indoor air. It makes employees satisfied and reduces their health risks and also lowers the chances of them falling sick. This also works towards reducing absenteeism in the company and promotes good work throughout. It motivates them to come to work regularly which their health and hygiene are taken care of by the company.

Increased Productivity

Since the workers of the factory are now working in a much safer environment because of the welding fume extractor you can understand that the productivity of the factory also increases. Since these fumes cause many hindrances, eliminating them also makes it possible to eliminate any kind of other problems in the factory as well.  This helps in increasing the productivity of the factory as the workers are able to concentrate on their work more in a clean environment.  Therefore this is also a major advantage that we get from using the welding fume extractor.

Variety of Styles

As said previously the welding fume extractor equipment is a big investment for the company. Therefore, it should be purchased only after considering all the concerned factors. There are many issues which have to be looked into before deciding if the equipment is best suited for our company or not. Hence the welding fume extractor comes with the great advantages of flexibility and versatility. Upon proper researching, you will find that the equipment is available in various styles throughout the world and hence you can easily find the best version of the equipment which shall be suitable for the factory.

These are some of the major advantages that we get from using the welding fume extractor. These factors cannot be ignored and should be taken into consideration when thinking of installing such options at your factory or workplace. Welding fume extractors are quite beneficial to reduce the levels of dust, smoke, and other volatile chemical compounds, and promote a healthy and happy work environment. 

Published by Zac Ferry