Over the past four days I took a trip up to Northumberland (England) with my family. We explored the coast line and stayed in a premier inn over the nights. The towns and villagers we extremely picturesque and a lot of them were generally quiet and relaxed. The scenery as well is amazing from the castle's to the soft sand beaches, everywhere we visited was a nice and friendly place.

​Holy Island, Northumberland

​We visited the island and it has a lovely little harbour village, with a castle which you can see on the picture on top of a hill. The thing with Holy island is that to get across you have to get the tide times as you are only able to cross at certain times, to me its what makes the island even more mysterious and beautiful. We went across in the car but you could walk across if you timed it right, you do not want to get stuck or else you will be in big trouble. Another feature to the island is that its surrounded by a lot of seals, many visitors bring telescopes and there is a building located on another hill next to the church which I a viewing tower where you can go to spot them.

​A view from the tower of the church ruins.

​A view from the castle down onto the harbour


​We also visited a place called Alnwick which again had a castle but also had a gigantic stretch of beach in front of it. Very peaceful place and it was atmospheric in the sense of it being surrounded by a village which contained of pubs, cottages, window seats in houses (I love window seats) and horse/ farmer fields. Also walking back I spotted a old bunker surrounded by trees off the path which looked like it could of been from war times.

​View of the same castle from the beach

​The beach in front of Alnwick castle



​The final place I'm going to talk about is what we found completely by accident, so we had this brochure with different places around Northumberland in it and we picked a random place and put it into the sat-nav. Originally we were going to find a place to eat but since it was bank holiday Monday everywhere was packed so we ended up eating in the pub next to the Premier inn at 10pm. However before we headed back, we decided to followed the direction of the sea in the car and found the most beautiful beach. It was by far the best I'd been on out of all the Northumberland beaches and we went into the hills that surrounded the beach and found two long/ surf boards (I'm not an expert on surf boards).

​The two surf boards we found

Next to the golf course you have to walk over to get to the beach


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