Next week I will be heading off to the beautiful Norway and I will be attending a wedding there and I will have the opportunity to stay there for a couple of days before and after the wedding. 

I am really looking forward to the wedding and to see my family and just have an amazing time at the wedding. I really love weddings! To be able to witness the happiness between two people who truly love each other and are saying yes to spend the rest of their lives with each other. You can call me a hopeless romantic, but you cannot deny that weddings are the special times where you feel that love overcomes everything. 

I  have been in Norway a couple of times, but I have always gone to a city called Stavanger in the southern part of Norway. But this time I will be in Oslo for a couple of days and I really cannot wait. I have never been in Oslo and I am looking forward to see the city! 
I want to see as much as possible while I am there and want to really experience Oslo the right way! 

I really would like to see the National Museum, Akerhus Fortress, The Norwegian National opera and ballet, The Norwegian Folk Museum, Vigeland Sculpture Park and of course I would never visit a country without getting a little souvenir. Maybe I can even get to shop a little bit with mom and dad. 

If some of you guys have been to Oslo or somewhere that is not a long drive away  and have some ideas or places that would be good to visit, then please write! I would love to get some ideas! Especially something in nature, maybe some lakes or waterfalls or something like that! 

Published by Elma Omukic