I am an excellent time waster. It is my one shining talent. 

The fact that I am writing this during my Greek Lit lecture should be pretty solid evidence of this. 

I love doing nothing, I'm also really good at it.

But the major problem with that is- I'm a student. I have 3 seminars to prepare for in the next 2 days and a quiz on Friday. I have an essay and a midterm next week, and I have barely done anything.

And why, you ask? Why is this girl so incapable of sitting down and preparing for something so that she doesn't panic the night before and end up in tears at 3 in the morning, chugging red bulls and writing 3000 words? I'm giving the internet some serious side-eye here.

Okay we could blame my lack of focus, my lack of self control, my inability to concentrate for more than ten minutes and my mild caffeine addiction, but that would make me feel bad. So let's just blame the internet. 

Buzzfeed, tumblr, twitter, Instagram, Facebook, youtube; I swear they were invented for the sole purpose of making students' lives impossible. So much intelligence, so much drive, but also so many videos of cats falling out of trees to watch. 

In a way students today have some of the best resources- online libraries, articles at our fingertips, so much knowledge to be found online and to be used to secure good grades and a bright future, right? Wrong! Because only a click away is a quiz that can tell me what Harry Potter character my food choices show I am.

Godspeed fellow students. May we one day learn how to use the internet successfully without getting distracted by the Lizzie Bennet youtube series while writing a paper, and then watching it until 3 in the morning when you have a 9:00am start the next day. Like I did last night.

I'm so good at life. 

Published by Lucy Mack