Over in England, the coverage of the Paralympic games has begun on channel 4. If you are not from England, Channel 4 has adverts to fund its programming. They are also BAFTA award winners because of their coverage of the Paralympics. It features a program called the last leg which is hosted by disabled comedians Adam Hills and Alex Brooker.
Even though I absolutely adore this program (which now runs to summarise events at the end of the week rather than just Paralympic games) it is not the reason for my article today.
Channel 4 refers to the disabled athletes as superhumans and ran a competition to find adverts that feature disabled people. This is because we are generally invisible when it comes to programs and definitely adverts.
Maltesers joined the competition and they were one of the winners. When you see the adverts themselves you can understand why, because they normalise disability and manage to include some very good jokes to get people talking.
Hopefully, this will not be the last we see of disabled people in adverts.


This is the behind-the-scenes story of the adverts. Here are the links to the adverts themselves:




Published by Angie Trafford