Do you know someone who's an INFP or are you actually one?

They are described as mediators and idealists. Altruistic and emphatics that always search for the good in the darkest of places. They are the best confidants that genuinely listen and try to understand a person's problem. 

What do you think an INFP would tell you if he/she spoke to you and actually uttered a word? Most of the time they speak only through their minds and seldom give a hint of their thoughts and emotions, a venture to the deepest corners of their brains would only be encountered through writing. They could fool you by giving you general information about their personal life but never the specifics. You think you know the INFP as an individual but in reality, they barely expose their identity.

They are driven by their INtuition, Feelings and Perception. They may look calm on the outside but their passion burns quite brightly within, especially in defending their principles and cultivated values.  

Though as individualistic people, one may vary significantly from another and here is a glimpse into the chaotic brain of one of the few INFP's that exist. 


Hi, are you the audience in my head or is it me talking to myself?

So here you are again, visiting me for another conversation. Are you troubled? Are the people around you making you crazy for the thousandth time? Have you lost touch of yourself?

Listen.... this is what I’ll tell you.

This may or may not agree with your views, but this is what has helped me through the years.  

You must say what is true and not against your internal being.

You shouldn’t try to please everyone for that will never happen. 

You must not linger on external judgment that is poorly based. 

The person who will know your true self would be you and no one else, because people will not know the words and reasons that go through your mind. 

It is you who will evaluate yourself. 

It is yourself who is the best therapist.

It is your actions that have been processed through your brain that will judge you, not those people who will surely know less about you, than yourself. 

It is only the external facade they will be able to observe, and then have their own conclusions or opinions.

You yourself will be more capable of identifying your actions and the reasons behind it.

It is yourself that has the ability to unlock all cognitive puzzle pieces in your mind and put them all together.

You are the best detective to your crimes and actions.

You are the best teacher to realize your goals, purpose and dreams. 

It is no one else but you that will always be there, and know all, to decipher ones code that envelopes you opaquely, to fulfill the missions you would like to seek, the intentions and intricate possibilities you may achieve,

But before you are able to evaluate your mind and being, you should know how to obtain wisdom.

It is not only words that come through your mouth that counts but the jumble of ideas, fragments and reasons that you ponder upon and evaluate on that makes you who you are and your personality.

It will also reflect on your point of views and principles, for one cannot say someone is intelligent by the amount of knowledge one accumulates,

But it is the one who creates and discovers knowledge that is most remarkable.

One problem you will have, when you transparently become yourself is the judgment that passes unto you. The burden of how people will not understand you, because they take on life with guidelines and instructions. That have been instilled on the majority, because of how society and the omnipotence seeking people try to manipulate the world.

It is not their right to make who you are!

You are not forever under a system! You are an individual that can make your own judgment, opinion, knowledge and reason; you must stand up for yourself!

It may sound wrong and may sound selfish,but to make yourself achieve what you want, it is but important you weigh the ramifications of your actions.

If the risk of taking the step would be worth it, then if that is your perception, you must push yourself to do so

and defend it to the end...


This is where I stop my introduction. I have more to say but we could continue that for another day.

Tell me, what are your problems? 


Originally posted in my personal blog

And here is a link that has been of big help to me, if you would like to venture more to the world of INFP's and other personalities


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