I decided that I would share some helpful advice to those who are interested in working in the fitness industry.  With me being new and just recently discovering things and constantly learning something new everyday, I figured I would share a few things that I have been told, or things that I have learned and hopefully it becomes of use to some if not all of you during your own journey when it comes to making fitness a career. 


  • Understand why fitness and/or health is important to you. This is something you definitely want to have an answer to, because people won't take it seriously if you don't take it seriously. Everyone has their passions, and if this is a passion; you should be able to talk about it and be able to tell someone why it is. 
  • Don't change a person, change a habit. I came up with this thought because most people/clients do not want fitness professionals to force changes on them.  People want someone who can help them change their habits and make it so their habits change their lifestyles, and then that translates to changing their physical being. Do not be that fitness professional making orders to someone's life, not everyone can change overnight & is willing to. 
  • Treat clients as individuals not as the same person. Each client you have is different from the last, they may all want your help but they may not all have the same mindset, same goals, same physique and same attitude as the last. As a personal trainer or fitness professional of any type, we need to treat our clients according to who they are not treat them like clones. Yes, I understand the whole everyone is equal and I agree with this but doesn't mean everyone has the same agenda.
  • Dress professionally. As fitness professionals, I would assume this is a given but I think sometimes we allow our bodies to get the best of us and want to "show off" or make it relevant when honestly it can cause some to feel uncomfortable or feel lowly about themselves.  If we have to wear skin tight shirts to show that we have a 6pack and pants that show every curve in our body then maybe it is time to reevaluate some things. I am not saying leggings and spandex , ect shouldn't be worn but what I am saying is THINK ABOUT HOW YOU ARE PRESENTING YOURSELF WHEN YOU WEAR ANY TYPE OF CLOTHING. The way you present yourself is everything.  This also means we shouldn't be dressed sloppy and baggy clothes and should have good hygiene. 
  • Don't make false promises. This is one of those 'think before you speak' situations.  You don't want to make promises and/or guarantees that you can't keep. 
  • Be confident in yourself and capabilities before trying to help others. This is something I had to learn, because my lack of confidence shown when I was helping my clients during my internship program. They could tell when I wasn't confident in an exercise, when I wasn't confident in explaining an exercise or demonstrating and when I was feeling lowly about myself. It didn't happen very often but when it did, it can change their attitude and they start to lose faith in you. 
  • Know about the business aspect. This is something I was also taught.  We can produce meal plans, exercise regimens, give advice, etc but when it comes to business, a lot of of us don't know nothing about it.  The business aspect is just as important as everything else, we have to make sure we are business savvy if we want to own gyms, become independent contractors, market ourselves, places prices, etc. Business is a full-time job in the fitness industry and yet many people end up closing gyms, bankrupt, quitting their jobs, because they didn't know the business and didn't seek to know.
  • Take care of your body before trying to take care of others. If you are pushing "eat clean" and exercise often but you don't do either then how can you tell someone else to do it,  If you don't take care of your body/health they will not take you seriously. You don't have to have every inch of you with muscle and be the leanest machine out there but it helps if you care to look semi fit when you are training someone who wants to become semi fit. You need to present yourself as someone who takes pride in their health.
  • Be Humble. Self explanatory, no need to be arrogant, just be humble and carry yourself with confidence. Easy enough.
  • Seek to always learn more. In this field, it is important that we stay on top of current events, research, and continue to gain experience every way possible.  This is important because things are always changing and some things are better than others, we need to know what is out there so we can use it at our disposable or teach it to others or avoid it all together.
  • We can't save everyone. As fitness professionals we want to help any and everyone but the truth is, we just can't do that all the time or at all and that is because we can't be specialist in every single type of person,  As you move forward in this career path, you will find out that is much easier to help a certain group of people in the world (i.e 20-25 year old, males, athletes) versus trying to help everyone in the world.  Another example would be (i.e 30-40 years, females, pregnant, moms with kids) .. the list can go on, but if you narrow it down it makes studying and helping people much easier. Something to think about.
  • Learn the exercise before teaching it. If you don't know how to do something, do not teach it to a client. (I.e if you aren't comfortable with doing olympic lifts then you shouldn't be teaching it until you have learned to do it properly and feel comfortable demonstrating it) 
  • Having a mentor is good to have.  Someone who can teach you the ropes, gives good advice, knows how to handle situations, etc. 


These are just a few things, I have other words of advice I do not mind sharing if you are someone who is interested in this field, just let me know and I don't mind sharing more.  I hope this list gives you a head start, something to think about and you can use within your career.  I know being new to this field can be difficult, it is difficult for me as well, I struggle everyday with trying to get my name out there, get certified, get clients, and standing out but it can be done; just takes persistence, hard work and talking to the right people along the way and a good educational background can help open doors as well. Believe in yourself the way I believe in you and I hope you believe in me.


Your fitness blogger, 

Shay-lon xoxo

Published by Shay-Lon Moss