Gold lasts for a very long time, and it does not tarnish. It is resistant to corrosion if you keep and store it well. However, if you wear gold jewelry, you will find with the passage of time your ornaments will develop a thin layer of soap, dirt or even grease. This will diminish the shine and sheen of the piece. You may approach professional gold jewelers to polish the piece from time to time. However, certain tips help you to take care of your gold and make it look as good as new even if you wear it on a daily basis.

Gold necklaces and chains loved to be worn by women of all ages. They enhance your beauty and appeal. However, when it comes to wearing them daily, you will find that they often collect grease and dirt from your neck. Gold chains are generally thin, and so they form a layer of dirt that makes your piece look dull. If you clean your gold necklace regularly, you can preserve its appeal and beauty. To begin with, you must choose the type of gold caring and cleaning schedule you are interested in. You should start by choosing a good cleaning solution that is mild and soft. You may opt for a good quality dish soap brand. Mix some dish soap solution in a bowl of lukewarm water and soak your necklace in it. Allow the necklace to sit in the solution for at least 15 to 30 minutes. Take a very soft toothbrush or a cloth to scrub the chain or the necklace gently. In case, your chain is an antique piece take caution. Generally, it is prudent for you to consult a good jeweler for antique gold necklace cleaning and polishing.

How can you remove dirt and grime from your necklace?

If you are regular with routine cleaning of your gold necklace, you generally will never face issues with cleaning the dirt and the grime off the piece. However, in case, you have missed out on routine cleanings and now have a thick coat of dirt and grime on your necklace. Removing this dirt is a challenge, and dish soap water might not be effective in eliminating the years of grime. Now, you do not have to rush to a professional jewelry cleaner to get rid of this dirt and grime. You can do it yourself at home in an inexpensive way. All you need is a bit of alcohol to rub into the necklace. However, the alcohol you should buy should be rubbing alcohol and not normal alcohol. At the same time, if you have plans to sell gold jewelry to credible buyers in NYC ensure that you clean them well. However, rubbing alcohol should not be used on delicate jewelry or antique pieces if you want to sell them to jewelry buyers NYCcompanies. This alcohol is abrasive and can damage the gold pieces if you are not careful.

How should you clean your gold necklaces with rubbing alcohol?

Take a 50/50 part of rubbing alcohol and warm water. You should soak your necklace in the solution for a few minutes only. You do not have to rinse the chain or the necklace if you do not wish to. However, if you do make sure that the flow of water used to rinse the necklace is not too hard as it can cause pressure to the chain. Rubbing alcohol is perfect to use if you are looking for an affordable way to disinfect the necklace.

Ammonia for cleaning your necklace or gold chain at home

Besides rubbing alcohol, you can use ammonia for cleaning your necklace and making it sparkling clean. Ammonia, on the other hand, is like rubbing alcohol and so do not use it regularly for cleaning your gold chains and necklaces. It is abrasive and can cause damage to antique or fragile pieces. When you use ammonia for cleaning your necklace, take six parts of warm water and mix it with 1-part ammonia. Ammonia is a very powerful cleaning agent, do not soak the chain in this solution for more than one minute. Once you have taken out the gold chain, rinse it well under running water of moderate pressure. Wipe the chain dry or allow it to sit on a soft cloth or towel for some time. This will make the chain completely dry for you to wear. Ammonia should only be used to clean your necklace when you have deep rooted grime and dirt settled in your necklace.

Beer for cleaning gold chains and necklaces

In case you do not have ammonia or rubbing alcohol at home, beer can be used to clean gold chains and necklaces. Do not use dark ale. In this method, you can dip a toothbrush into beer and scrub the chain gently, or you can pour some beer on a soft cloth and use it to wipe the necklace clean.

Professional cleaning solutions are also available in the market for cleaning gold chains and necklaces. You may buy them and use them for routine cleaning as well. You may ask your jeweler directly for their names or visit a jewelry website that sells professional gold cleaning solutions for your needs. When you are buying these professional gold chain cleaning solutions, check the label to ensure they are safe for you to use with your gold chain or necklace.

In case you have any concerns and doubts when it comes to cleaning your gold necklaces or chains, feel free to seek guidance from your professional jeweler. He or she will help you on how to take care of and maintain the shine and sheen of your gold necklace for a very long time. Make sure you resort to routine cleaning, and in case you have a very old piece, do not take risks, always take it to a professional jeweler to get it clean to look as good as new!

Published by Lucy Jones