Trailers and Timeslots are here!

Let’s start with the full fall schedule, presented by Spoiler TV.  The big move for NBC is putting their new lawyer show, Bluff City Law, in the post voice timeslot.  Manifest got a big premiere there last year, but then faded.  So if putting Bluff City there a good move or bad move?  I’m not sure.  On the one hand, lawyer shows have not been working on broadcast for a while now, perhaps most notably the flop of Chicago Justice while the three other Chicago shows continue to chug along.  Which leads a lot of people to argue that the nets should perhaps go away from these shows for a while, and certainly not place one into the most coveted spot on their fall schedule!  The other perspective is that lawyer shows have a long history of being solid long term players, so maybe they should just keep throwing them out there until one sticks, and putting Bluff City in a prime spot means it should get sampled.  Ultimately I can’t fault NBC for picking up the legal show, but I do feel that musical show Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist would have been a perfect choice to follow The Voice.

For Fox, the prime slot is following The Masked Singer, which was a hit for some reason.  They chose to put the Jason Katims show Not Just Me, formerly known as Sisters, in that spot.  It makes sense given all the buzz the show has gotten, but as I’ve noted before, I have my fears it will end up following Lone Star and Red Band Society as critically acclaimed Fox shows that failed to find an audience.

The only new CBS show I’m interested in, Evil, gets the 10 pm slot on Thursday.    Fine for me, though some seem to be questioning having the show follow the Thursday comedy block.  Fair enough, though I’m not sure what other CBS show is a better fit for a lead in. 

At ABC, I’ll be checking out the Tuesday and Wednesday 10 pm slots, Emergence and Stumptown respectively.  I’m fine with the slots on a personal level, as there’s nothing on against them I’m all that interested in.  The problem is these slots seem to have been a problem for AB C for as long as I can remember.  New dramas get slid in and quickly disappear.  Maybe the network should look at a more drastic overhaul of the schedule?

I’m not thrilled with the CW schedule.  I just don’t understand why the net wouldn’t use the final season of Supernatural to launch one of the new shows, likely Nancy Drew.  And do Supergirl and Batwoman really work together, other than being superhero shows with female leads?  I feel like Batwoman goes better with Arrow, while Supergirl should be paired with The Flash.  Others seem to really like the schedule, so what do I know?

Entertainment Weekly ranks the trailers, though unfortunately I can’t watch them on my computers.  If you have the same problem, you can probably find them on YouTube.  They seem to agree with me that the premise of the Jason Katims show might be too audience alienating even if the writing is good.  On the other hand, I’d put the Nancy Drew and Emergence trailers higher than they did, though I seem to be in the minority on Emergence, and I do have to admit that they have a point about it looking like numerous other shows that haven’t quite worked.  I’d also probably drop Deputy down the list.

Published by Andrew Clendening