If God has actively intervened in America's affairs in the past, what about now? What about elsewhere? Is there any indication of that sort of thing happening in today's modern and sophisticated world? Having removed God from our public domain (a worldwide situation), and beginning to clamp down on so-called 'religious bigots' for using their Bibles in insensitive and politically incorrect attacks on our constantly 'evolving' way of life, we seem to be thumbing our noses at God, and He doesn't seem to be doing anything about it.


Oh really? Can we be certain that God had nothing to do with the 911 airliner attacks, Hurricane Katrina, the rash of hurricanes devastating us in 2005, the rash of tornadoes hitting our midwest, the floods, our series of economic meltdowns that still may be very much underway, and the illegal immigrant problem? The serious historian will note how many such “coincidences” have taken place on or very near the very dates that ill-conceived government speeches or actions have been taken. On top of these basic woes, our less-than-wise responses to them are digging us deeper into financial difficulty and creating a repressive, big-brother monster government that offers much less in the way of freedom than past generations have enjoyed. These seem to have the flavor of curses.


You might remember our Apollo program, back when we still had a semblance of allegiance to God. We made it to the moon, a number of our astronauts having paid homage to God publicly for the opportunity. A Russian cosmonaut, in sharp contrast, looked around in space and with a mocking attitude claimed his failure to find God out there. Despite its early lead in the space race, the Soviet Union also failed thereafter to place a man on the moon.


The little country of Israel became a nation in1948 after around two millennia of dispersion, a little shorter or a lot longer depending on whether or not the Babylonian exile is included in the calculation. The event was a verbatim fulfillment of Deuteronomy 30, Isaiah 66 and Ezekiel 36 and 37, and would have been considered an impossibility but for the short period of sympathy toward the Israelis in some politically-important quarters following the Nazi holocaust. But the most astonishing miracles came afterward, as Israel was forced to fight its neighbors in the several wars since then. One particularly poignant incident is related in a video on the subject entitled Against All Odds. According to that account, Israel was on the verge of being overwhelmed during the 1973 Yom Kippur war, with Egypt advancing across the Negev in great numbers and Syria coming over the Golan Heights. Having lost much of its armament through attrition, it looked like Israel didn't stand a ghost of a chance. In a last-ditch effort, Prime Minister Golda Meir flew to Washington with the intent of pleading with then-President Richard Nixon for support, mainly in restocking their armaments.


Nixon had a Quaker background. At some time in his childhood and long before Israel became a nation, his devout mother said something strange to him. She told him that one day he would be in a position to help Israel. She added that when that happened, he was to do all in his power to perform that help. When he was approached by Mrs. Meir, he remembered that talk. In obedience to his mother he initiated a massive resupply airlift to Israel in defiance of Arab and Soviet pressure, enabling Israel to end the hostility as victors. He remarked after the event that he thought he had become president for just that moment.




Published by Art Perkins