Our first kiss shouldn’t have happened. Given the circumstances, it’s debatable if pretty much everything that came afterwards shouldn’t have happened either, but, I am not a fan of what if’s and the only thing I know for certain is that the first kiss should not have happened. He had been looking for a concentrate jar all day. Carried the paperwork to return it to inventory back and forth the hallways as if that would magically accio it to him. We used to help each other unconditionally all the time and I felt pity for the papers that, during our lunch break, lay crumbled with wet spots in an empty cart, so I picked the papers up and pushed the cart to the cooler. I hated the cooler. If he ever doubted that I love him, that should’ve been enough to prove him otherwise. I might’ve not done a lot of other things, but I sacrificed where it mattered. My nose had already gone numb when he entered the cooler too. It was a five feet by twelve insulated north pole, with three fans blowing 28º air directly to our faces. I really hated those coolers. He asked if I had found it already “no, but I will”. “I doubt it, I’ve searched for it all day. It’s not here.” he responded. “It doesn’t walk. I’ll find it.” And of course I did. He couldn’t believe it so he picked it up and held it up to his glasses, frowning a little from the effort of reading the tiny letters. “Oh my God! You found it! Come here…” And then, as the song says, he kissed me. He had to grad my head in place because I was not in a position for a kiss, I wasn’t expecting that. I laughed though. Because I did thought it was funny. I must have been blushing like crazy when I opened the door and stepped out, and to hide it, I almost ran back to the lab to complete my shift. Before going home he called me to apologise. It was a horrible apology, but I could see his good intentions of not making my angry so I waved a hand and explained that it was all good. “Did you like it?” he asked. Because his ego is that big. “No.” I answered. I’ve always been known to be honest. Brutally honest sometimes. “Oh! You didn’t like it?” he was baffled. Given the fact that pretty much every woman in that building threw herself at him at least once a day, it must have been a huge shock. Poor thing. “No. I didn’t. I like other type of kisses. Like, ones where I know I’m being kissed to begin with, just to mention something. And there were other details. The hands on my face where nice though.” I was talking too much. My honesty was not hiding my nerves. “I’m gonna have to work on that then.” he said with a smirk. Surely enough, he did worked on getting better. And we ended up together, against all odds.

Published by Narami