t is Monday, and the type of Monday many of us seriously dislike.  It is the type of Monday that no amount of “Focusing” essential oils will overcome.  It is the type of Monday that working through it will not change.  All that will change is getting through to Tuesday with HOPE!

A writer who I love, or I used to love, has a daily message that I do not remember as being as distasteful as I find it today.  Her closing line is “Today, I am willing to accept the worst-case scenario.”  No no, no, that is negative thinking, my positive friend!  Your thoughts become your reality!  Of course, it is Monday; is that why you are thinking this way?

So, HOPE remains my message.  HOPE is what you always hang on to.  And when you let go of HOPE, you let go of your dreams, you let go of any happiness you may have.  And that happiness is a reflection of who you are.  Through that eternal flame of HOPE in your heart, you can create your life, your workplace, your society, and your world.  Without the HOPE, you have let go of you.  And the more you are you, the better chance you have to create your own life and work.  So hold on to the HOPE, make your contribution to you, to your work, to your community, and to your world.  How do you begin?

There is an authentic you within your head, your heart, and your soul.  Finding the authentic you is a basic need.  How do you do that?  Begin listening to your head, your heart, and soul.  If that is through meditation, if that is through prayer, if that is through just sitting quietly, do it.  You have to start somewhere.  You have to learn to “be”.  And do not give up easily, this takes time.  We tend to be wanting to be doing rather than being.  Being comes first, and from being comes creativity, and that leads to doing that is meaningful.  While you think you are doing nothing, by learning to be, your subconscious begins working on what it has known was the authentic you since it has been with you since before your birth.  Letting the subconscious work can be very productive; you do not have to do everything consciously ;  let your subconscious help you.  It is going within in order to manifest into your outer life.  Give yourself a grace period.  Learn to be mindful.  You are on your way to somewhere else from where you have been.  It is like navigating without a map; you are learning to trust.  You are learning to trust yourself, to trust your head, your heart, and your soul.    Begin with HOPE, and let HOPE take you down the road meant for you to travel.

Published by Janice Marie