I am sure many of you athletes have had to do exercises dealing with the agility ladder, and many of you either were really good and could do it with ease or you were like me, and had a rough time doing it the more advanced the movements got.  I started using an agility ladder 10th grade when I played basketball, our coach had us use it in a group and I remember I always wanted to go last because I was not as good at it like the other girls. I am not sure if it was my coordination, anxiety or the fact I was way too focused and didn't loosen up to allow myself to make mistakes.  It was definitely not my favorite exercise, I also didn't know why we did it.  Now, since being more educated and using it again in the recent years, I can see why it is useful.  For some of you who have used it or still use it, please share with me your experience, post pictures, videos of yourself doing it if ya want. If you have yet to try using one,  and would like to give it a try, it is either going to be something you enjoy or hate; very few people are in the "middle" about it. I would say try it once or twice and see how well you do and if you want more challenges, look up the different techniques that can be done and watch the above video for some ideas and lessons on it.  Today I am going to explain what the agility ladder is and why it is used and should be used.



  • Can boost quickness, foot speed, coordination, and body awareness
  • inexpensive equipment
  • helps to strengthen joints, ligaments, and tendons
  • Good cardiovascular workout
  • said to improve cognitive performance (forces someone to focus and learn a new pattern)
  • Form of HIIT training if done at a fast rate of speed
  • Can help reduce your risk of injury
  • improves strength of connective tissue
  • Can be a good warm-up exercise
  • You learn different movement patterns and directions
  • helps with balance
  • helps the body respond quickly to various situations
  • Maintain core strength
  • Fun exercise
  • Uses more muscles than linear running, which helps to burn more calories during your workout

Proper form include:

  1. Foot placement- make ground contact with the widest part of your foot, allowing your whole foot to roll down before explosively pushing off the ground
  2. Body placement- Maintain center of mass over base of support.  
  3. Posture- keep the spine straight, and dip down for turns using the hips rather than the back
  4. Arm action- for extra speed keep the elbows bent 90 degrees and focus on driving your elbows back
  5. leg action- as you drive your right leg into the ground, rapidly bring your left knee up

I think you should give it a go! See what you can do and if you are an athlete and struggle with this workout, I would highly recommend on working on it and getting better at it because it will help you in the long run with your performance. Thanks for reading!


Your fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xoxoxo

Published by Shay-Lon Moss