As a street pastor at a downtown mission, I hear a lot of arguments from folks on which sins are worst than other sins....usually to justify what someone has already done to minimize the guilt of their own offence.  This argument isn't limited to just folks on the streets but with everyone, including the good people in the church.

It's an age old argument.  There are sins that seem to be inexcusable such as murder, child sexual abuse or terrorism that in-turn make cheating on a test, stealing a roll of toilet paper from your workplace or telling a "white lie" to keep things calm almost seem insignificant.  It's still sin folks!


We miss the point of what Jesus came to teach us and the sacrifice He made on that cross for us. If we get into the argument of which sin is worse than another sin or more accurately, why my sin isn't as bad as someone else's sin, we risk not truly repenting for the sin we committed.

Sin is a slippery slope.  This is what God tries to protect us from in an attempt to keep us mindful that we need to take responsibility for our own sinful action.  Sin distances us in our relationship with God, much in the way that Adam and Eve hide from God after they had sinned.  Once that door to sin is open, no matter how insignificant or harmless it may seem we pull away from God out of guilt.  I think you would be surprised, if not shocked how many times a day you are not completely honest about your sin.

God desires a relationship with us and sin is a way that the enemy uses to have us distance ourselves from God.  So let God sort out which sins are worse than other sins....that's His job.  Concentrate on following Jesus' teachings and being an example of a follower of Christ in all you do.  It won't be easy, but if you aren't so preoccupied with everyone else's sin you may catch your own.

Published by Dan Morand