You took me in as a broken toy. misused, disregarded then discarded. you softly probed the wounds, the open and raw cuts. You relieved my pains and mended my broken wings. I am not a seer but despite this I envisioned seeing the world from above, soaring above it yet encompassing the magnificence of the impossibly encapsulated infinite. I trained and I tested my new wholeness, albeit without risk. A breeze of change in the skies rifled my longing so I committed to rising. I ran to the precipice, with no hindrance before me I felt safe. The reverberation coldly shook the foundations of the earth beneath me as the ache of my trusting heart savagely quipped my foolish mind. What you so deftly and lovingly mended, you shot clean through whilst I focused fowards and upwards, assured you had my back. I was to take flight, to soar. Now I never shall. I stand in the ashes, the embers of hope dispersed into the suffocating vacuum of despair.

Published by D Vaughan