Travelling is one of my passions, and I got to fly many, many times throughout my life, and I admit that I have been fortunate because I scarcely faced any unpleasant incidents.

Apart from the loss of bags a couple of times and some big delays in the departure of the plane, I have hardly suffered overbooking and only once, the cancellation of a flight.

But in case it happens to you, at the time of flying you must be clear about your rights as a passenger on a flight, and very important, how to claim them.

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What to do if the flight has been cancelled

Given these circumstances, what do you do if your flight has been cancelled? What if you have a delay of several hours? What are your rights?

The truth is that I would bet that the vast majority of those affected by these incidents are not clear about their rights, as it happened to me when I suffered from a cancelled flight.

What are my rights for cancellation of a flight?

In case it happens to you on a future trip, it is essential that you know what your rights as a passenger are in case of cancellation of a flight.

The European Union has established a regulation since 2004, mandatory, not only for all air carriers of member countries but for all those operating in European territory.

This regulation establishes the rights of air passengers for the different circumstances that may occur, such as loss of luggage, delays in flights and, of course, in case of cancellation.

If you want to know the cancellation policy, you just need to check the website of the respective airline as they have a few differences in policies. For example, American Airlines cancellation policy is a bit different from that of Lufthansa.

Cancellations and refunds sometimes become tiring and annoying; however, one can ease their travel experience by booking your next flight from your favorite airline via Faremart, a booking platform providing satisfactort travel services from long.

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Below I will detail your rights if your flight is cancelled:

Right to information

First of all, you have the right to information, which means that they provide you with an information brochure detailing your rights as a passenger, especially regarding assistance and compensation.

In addition, next to the check-in desk, the airline must have a sign advising you that you have rights as a passenger.

In the case of my cancelled flight, effectively next to the counters, there was a sign advising of those rights and some brochures that in a much-summarized way told me how I could go about them.

Right to reimbursement of the ticket price

If you are notified several days in advance, you have three options.

On the one hand, the right to reimbursement of the ticket price, total or partial, to be collected in seven days; an alternative flight on the same day of cancellation and under similar conditions; or an alternative flight on a later day that suits you.

Right to care at the airport

When the notification of the cancellation occurs in the same airport, you have the right to get care.

This means that you should be given free food and refreshments, depending on the time you have to wait at the airport, until the departure of an alternative flight offered by the company.

Likewise, they should provide you with free telephone calls, or sending messages by fax or email.

Right to hotel accommodation

But in the case of the aforementioned cancellation of a flight I suffered on a trip, since it was already at the end of the day, it is under rights to have all the passengers transferred to a nearby hotel for free, so that the following day we could take a flight.

So it happened, because in a bus they took us to a nearby four-star hotel where they gave us, as a dinner, a pack with a sandwich, a juice, an apple and a chocolate bar, and they also gave us a phone card.

The next day, we were transferred to the airport on a bus to take the assigned alternate flight.

Refund for flight cancellation

But in addition to the above, you are also entitled to financial compensation that compensates you for the inconvenience of the cancellation.

More in case the company does not notify you with a minimum of two weeks in advance.

Amount of refund

Regarding the amount of refund, you can consult the table that starts from a minimum of 250 euros on community flights up to 1,500 kilometres away.

And it reaches up to 600 euros in case of a flight with origin or destination outside the European Union and more than 3,500 kilometers.

If the airline offers you an alternative transport solution with a similar schedule, you may still have this compensation right, although for half the amount.

Only in very specific cases, the airline is exempt from paying this compensation.

It would be in case of extraordinary circumstances that must be justified; because you have been notified of the cancellation with a minimum of two weeks in advance; or because he has offered you a flight on the same route and similar schedule.

How to claim for flight cancellation?

But here comes another problem, how to claim your compensation for cancelling a flight.

It is a process that you can do on your own, in which you have to go to the airline that has cancelled your flight to claim your countervailing duty.

And if you do not receive the appropriate answer and that you are satisfied, you should contact the respective state authority.

Now, out of curiosity, I wonder how many travellers who suffer the cancellation of their flight make the relevant claim on their own.

And, on the other hand, do all airlines operating in Europe comply with the rights of air passengers?

Companies to claim your rights before airlines

In order to facilitate this process to passengers, in recent times, a few companies that carry out the management of claiming your rights before airlines have emerged.

In light of the fact that only 5 percent of passengers make such claim during a year according to the research made by Claim Flights, such companies have a reason to exist.

In order to carry out the claims, this type of company carries out the claim in your name without direct cost because they only charge a commission (around 30%) for the compensation you receive if the result has been favourable.

In short, it saves us from doing claim management that can be cumbersome and, due to the experiences of such firms, the chances of success in claims are higher.

If you are interested in such a management service, the following are the websites of the main companies offering the claim service for the cancellation of your flight.



Claim Flights

Flight Claim

Refund Policy

Different airlines have different refund policies, and you have to check their website to know their refund policies. But there are some common procedures that a customer has to follow if he or she is qualified for a refund.

  • The client must enter the request for reimbursement through the form and attach the necessary documents to process the request.

  • For purchases that were made in cash or through debit/credit card, the customer must send:

  • Copy of the payment receipt.

  • Bank certification of the beneficiary of the payment that contains, name of the beneficiary, account number.

  • Copy of passport.

  • In case the beneficiary of the refund is not the same payer and/or passenger must attach written authorization of the beneficiary.

Now that you know the process of claiming a refund,and how you can go about it, I hope you have a safe flight and it doesn’t get cancelled.


Published by Mohaned Gadnne