AIX is an award-winning wine, with a long history as an established name in Europe. AIX is presented to us with a 130-year reputation in the wine making industry; Produced in the Provence Region of France, we are seeing its growing success in North American liquor stores, and an increasing appreciation for its distribution in Canada. This region is known for producing the best Rose Wines, and AIX just happens to be our favorite kind. It represents a very young, fun-loving, fashionable drink for like-minded spirits.

What is the inspiration behind its name? Is that some kind of acronym? - Abnormal Intoxication X-Ray? An operating system for IBM? That last one’s true. Don’t drink and type. On the contrary, for those of us less well-traveled, Sparkling Sin-findels, AIX is a City. And here we thought they were just being entertaining.

A second look would have you thinking it is pronounced, A – like the grade we would assign to this brand if we were a bunch of teachers drinking a Nebuchadnezzer, whilst filling out report cards, right before summer vacation.

What’s a Nebuchadnezzerrr...?

That’s the 15 L bottle, the largest bottle they make, in their self-proclaimed collection of “large bottles to share.” So you never have to drink alone. We thank them for the instruction.

Nevertheless, it’s actual pronunciation is more like X – as in (Ai)X en Provence, the City the wine is named after. And just like the merry making, blushing, population of the town, they are best known for their Rose Wine – It’s all they do. We like it because the bottles, are glowing, cute and cheery-faced, best seen being frolicked around town, much like the social butterflies who drink them.

We have declared these: Stylish Bottles; the pink color makes them a nice gift and an equally attractive decoration, set atop tables or patios, outdoors. To serve, you will want to chill the bottle in the fridge for a few hours first, or place it in the freezer, for about 30 minutes, before serving. After the first pour, the bottle stays out.

Due the charmingly attractive appearance of such bottles, we suggest making AIX your new accessory for summer. We would like to see keychain minis out next (don’t drink and drive), but for now, they have a very attractively styled 3L bottle, that we’re into for summer.


The sweet sip of this light, sparkling wine is very fruitful and flavorful. The blend that you experience is unique, with tastes of watermelon and strawberry – a perfect, summer spirit, derived from a special blend of red grapes.



These are the red grapes responsible for the boldness in flavor that underlies the sweet taste of Rose. These grapes contribute to the berry flavor of the citrus accent in the wine.



These grapes are known for their sweetness, and they contribute to the softness of the wine. They are sweet, contributing to the berry flavor of the Rose, but also lend a slightly zesty or tangy quality to the wine.



These grapes blend well with the others to contribute to the softness of wine, as well. However, they are best known as dark, red grapes, also referred to as Shiraz, which can help you imagine the flavor, if you are a wine drinker. These are the grapes that give the wine its hint of spice, like a sharper blend of cranberry and cinnamon flavor.



These grapes are commonly used in Zinfendel, as they are larger grapes, with a juicy texture. The flavor is much milder, and contributes less to the overall taste of the wine; however, they are used in production to blend with the bolder flavors in the bottle. These help to establish the milder taste of a Rose Wine, as opposed to a Red. Similarly, Rose Wines use less of the skin of all grape varieties, which keeps the taste sweet and effervescent.


Known for its elegance and class, AIX Wine is an outstanding choice for Rose Wine. We are particularly fond of the variety of sizes the bottles are sold in, and we like it best on its own. However, for summer chillers, you can serve it in wine glasses, iced.

Iced Rose

2 - Standard Bottles of AIX Rose

2 - 710 mL Bottles of White, Fizzy Drink (i.e. Diet Soda)


Mix all ingredients together, and pour into an ice cream pail with a lid on top. Place in freezer overnight, and turn upside-down before last half of freezing (a minimum of 6 hrs. total, but don’t go short on time. Make one, full day in advance). Remove from freezer and mix together with a metal spoon. The ice will be hard, but the alcohol will not freeze. Serve as a slushy drink, spooned into wine glasses.

AIX is stocked in upscale restaurants, lounges and liquor stores, and is also served at events and social engagements throughout Europe and the United States. We are very happy to share this brand with our following, and it is our first choice for wine on The Diamond List. Sample a three Litre Bottle by entering our Christmas in July event, extended for our readers, and now ending in August.


''Our vision is to be seen in all the right places''



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Stylish wine for Summertime

Published by Jennica B.