Hope you all had a great weekend. I had a good one too. Yesterday, I went on a long drive from Chennai to kadapakkam. It is 100 Km from Chennai and lies between, mamallapuram and Pondicherry, on SH 49 ECR road. I guess I can boldly call it a long drive because, 1. The place for decently far from Chennai, but, 2. It took me almost 3 hours to reach the destination.

Not that I drive like a snail, it was just that I was with my family and they kept shouting my name for every 15 minutes. It doesn't mean that they are very fond of my name, but just means that I would reach 90-100 Km/h speed and they would freak out. Though i have my driving licence for 3 years now, I am still an "L board" for my parents. You know, "moms". Anyway. Among all the honks and the brakes and the continuous scolding, it is OK to tell that I ambled with the car to the destination. Before reaching to that place, I thought that the fort would have something at least, though it was supposed to be in ruins. But, what did I know?

I reached that place, at about 11 am, and found few people there which gave me a self confidence and satisfaction that I was not the only idiot to choose this place for the weekend. But, also, the people who came here were very less when compared to other places near Chennai. The place had broken walls, beach, destroyed walls, trees, debris of the fort walls, and boats. That's it. But, this place has a significant Mark on the Indian history which I have explained in my personal blog post. Click here for that.

In about 45 minutes I was done with the place, as in, I took enough pictures for the coming week's Facebook and WhatsApp pictures. And did some monkeying around by climbing on the walls, which I regretted in the immediate minute when I was not able to get down and the walls were pretty high. Phew.

We headed back, I was so hungry, and I was searching for a good restaurant on the way. We reached Chennai and went to have lunch. Well, I ate a pretty heavy north Indian thali meal and I paid for the entire lunch but, nooooo, it was not supposed to be that smooth. When I go out with my family, there always has to be a controversy. And this was it. I was about to tip the guy, when my parents pop in and they ask, how much was I gonna give. I took two 10 ₹ note, (I know it was pretty less too). But, though I have started working, I haven't received my first salary yet (which reminds me, I am getting my first salary in 3 days, ^^). So, when I keep the money in the tray. My parents give me a rough look, as if I have away their entire property. I was super frustrated, but who am I kidding, in the end, I took away one note and it turns out, that, as always, Indian parents get their way. And i tipped only 10 rs. I am not complaining that they are too calculative about how much they spend, I am just telling that, I could never be like that. I have no idea why.

Published by Aravindha Krishnan