Alan Kapilow is a licensed public adjuster #2607309 / #2607531 located at 2919 Grand Canal, Venice California 90219. Let him represent your claim today.  Kapilow is very aggressive at getting claims reopened.  Mr. Kapilow has been in the Public Adjustment business for 45 years. See below the big claim gap he collected for the Church.  The church was only offered $14,000 and Mr. Kapilow recovered $104,000.

The good that Mr. Kapilow provides for the community keeps him working in the business at age 72. Alan does not have to work but wants to do this work to serve the public.   “When people in the community need honest professional services, they need a person they can depend on”, says Alan.

A public adjuster is an insurance professional that works on behalf of the insured. The public adjuster guides the claimant through the claims process and meets with the insureds company adjuster or independent adjuster. Many people try to understand the text in the contract that assigns risk to a third party for compensation. The wrong value of loss can cost the insured many thousands of dollars. The incorrect scope of loss can also cost the consumer much time and frustration.  It is for these among many other reasons why Alan Kapilow and his family have been representing the public in commercial and personal insurance claims.

Call Mr. Kapilow or call the church for the reference now. Let Alan Kapilow defend your claim now.

United Methodist Churches

of Los Angeles -

Dr. Weist - Fire loss to church property on Workman Street, Los Angeles. Offered $14,000, Kapilow & Son recovered $104,000.

Published by Yatin Arora