Today let's have a look at Vlora...  I have gone there few days ago to take the latest photos for the blog AND I  ve been surprised by the change.They have made such a nice wide roads in the centre city. BUT I have been disappointed by the sea-side because all the seaside  its under construction all the building ( small shops, coffee bars, even such a big  hotel - probably without permission to build there ) been destroyed. They are building everything new. So for now it is not such a nice place to relax. But if you are planing your trip to Albania in 2017 it will be definatelly worthy to stop here. 

image (11)

You can find also beach at North of Vlora we have been there with my husband a while ago but we didn't like it so much because not bars where there to have coffee or beer and it was messy.

NOTE : Beach in Vlora are sandy if you looking for stone beach you have to go a bit further it's not far away. Its approx 1 km from the centre city on the way to Saranda ( South) . There are busses going there all the time. image (12)

There are starting such a beautiful hotels and apartments We love it there! You can find there such a beautiful bars, swimming pools by the sea. In the evening it's very busy there! Party time!! We usually go further approx 5 km, but guys down there is awesome!! We have made a friend there who has a bar on the beach and some beach chair with shadows. Albanians are usually so nice to foreigners...

Our kids enjoy the beach there so much aswell they didn't want to come home the other day!!

Hurra and there we are...enjoy the beach as I Do  !!!IMG_1107


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