I wanted to give everyone something to keep in mind as they indulge into a good time. Now I do drink alcohol (not on a daily basis) but more so on special occasions such as these or every once in a great while I treat myself to a good glass of wine.  After doing some digging on how it effects the body when you are on the path of staying healthy, I found out the good & bad.  


The good:

  • a drink won't kill you if you drink in moderation & limit yourself

The bad:

  • It can hurt your performance (coordination & cognitive abilities)
  • Weight gain is bound to happen if you don't watch yourself
  • Reduced muscle growth
  • Heart health

Of course there are many other negatives to drinking, so keep those in mind as well when you read through these links.  I am not one to say "quit" drinking unless you know its preventing you from doing day to day routines, hindering you, causing problems in your relationships/friendships/work life, health is declining, you respond negatively to alcohol when you consume it, and it becomes a regular ongoing thing for you.  


If you are going to make alcohol a part of your life on rare occasions, I say go for it. I am going to continue drinking it on my rare occasions as well & as a matter of fact, I will also continue to limit my alcohol intake.  I just want to keep people reminded of how it can affect your body and how important it is to make sure you celebrate but at the same time think thoroughly before getting "drunk".  "Sometimes a party is just as fun without the alcohol" -Shay-lon 


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Your Blogger Shay-lon

P.S There is alcohol that is better for you than others such as red wine.. and certain types of beers.. just do some extra research; you might be surprised as to what you find! 

Published by Shay-Lon Moss