She can't do this. She cannot let this eat her. She must somehow stop this pain. She is smothered. Lost. She cannot breathe. She tries. He lies. She is at a cross roads. Again. He hides this so well.

She talks. She prays. She stays.

He pretends it's all okay.

They don't talk. It hurts too much. He knows she won't go. 

She needs to laugh. She needs to be valued. Needed. 

Head down, no confidence, no sureness. He sucks the air from the room when he comes home.

She needs to make a choice.

She puts her chin up. She needs this all to stop. She sets new goals, she wants success, she wants laughter and love and life. She knows she must move on. He is stuck.

She can do this. She must. She cannot give up now. And surely, she can help him?

She can't continue. She is building a life and he is stuck. 

He doesn't want for anything. There is no hunger, no passion, no drive left in him.

Lonely, isolated and tired she is angry and lost. She knows she must make a change soon. She works. Wants to run. 

He is comfortable and warm in his misery. It is safe. Unchanging. There is no risk here.

Published by Kristy Hunt