This tiny creature. Pink and wrinkled, tiny fingers and toes. Where does this love come from? She did not want this baby. But, here is this child and all her hopes and dreams are linked to this bundle. This love is beyond anything she has ever known, this warm, wet, wriggling body is bonded to her with a force unknown.

How fast the baby grows. She is afraid the time will pass too fast, that it will all be gone. She holds him a little longer. 

She juggles, holding the baby to the breast at her desk. She sleeps on the couch, struggles to keep up. She is so unsure.

She has big dreams. This baby will be strong, independent, kind, full of love. She will teach, raise this baby well.

She carts the baby under her arm as she completes chores. Feeds animals, works, tries to study. She has dreams. She sleeps.

Her routine is non-existent. She forgets to eat. The baby wails. She puts him to the breast and tries to sleep. She prays. The baby smiles.

They sleep. He wakes her for dinner.  He has cooked for her. He puts the baby in the cradle. She eats.

The baby wails. He knows she would do anything for this child; that she is working hard to build these dreams, this life she sees. The perfect life. He feels lucky.

Published by Kristy Hunt