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The Money Conversations Every Woman Needs To Have Before Getting Married

Its funny how we take a lot of things for granted especially issues concerning our financial future. For all the sisters planning on getting married, these are a few things you need to get cleared out with your 'husband-to-be'. Did you know we all have a 'money personality'? find out yours in the article.


Money Conversations with Ibukun Awosika 


We often get carried away as we climb the ladder of success but this spoke volumes to me. Everyone needs to read this, no wonder she keeps rising:

"I was in England at the time, it was my son’s 21st birthday and we were having a party in our country home in Canterbury.  We were setting up and I was walking from the marquee to the main house when I got the call. It was a surprise but I was very calm. I walked back to the Marquee to tell my husband and sons the good news. They were so ‘tripped’ but I immediately walked back to the house, went to the dining area and lay on the ground and started praying because I had to give it to God. It was exciting news but it was important to me not to get carried away."

This interview touched on everything: God, Being a Woman, Marriage, Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, Business, Leadership, Hiring (Skilled & Unskilled Labour). There's something for everyone there.


Money conversations with Zeze Oriaikhi-Sao, Founder and Director Malée Natural Science Ltd


Just in case you thought all your ideas have to come to life at once, you should read this


The Importance of Becoming Famous


In Robin Sharma's words: "It’s not about becoming famous that’s important. It’s all about who you become on the path of being famous that is the real focal point."


5 Things To Remember When You're Getting Tested


The hurdles of life don't permit us to stay focused. despite your circumstances, remember theses 5 things


Malawi's New President sells off Presidential Jet and 60 Mercedes


Beloved leaders, take a cue from Joyce Banda. It'll make life a lot easier.


Why Young People Don't Buy Cars and Apartments Anymore


I don't agree, I love to own my own thing. I was enthralled by this but let's agree to disagree on this one.


I’m Overspending…Help!


Sometimes we don't even know when we do it. Some people struggle with misplaced priorities and can't differentiate between their WANTS and NEEDS. Learn how to Track your spending, Identify your spending triggers, and automate your savings with the tips shared in this article.


Family Business


Yay! or Nay!. What are your thoughts?


 Richard Branson’s 10 Rules for Entrepreneurial Success


I never knew Richard Branson is dyslexic, yet a lot of us look up to him. What's your excuse again?

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