I cannot explain the love I have for my nephew.

Everyone finds it weird how I talk and plan for someone whose parents haven’t even met yet. I mention him in almost every conversation daily, I’ve planned countless vacations for just the both of us, and I’ve cooked up mischief in my head to be executed by both of us. I can’t wait for his grand entry into this world; I’m sure I’d be more excited than his Dad.


I’m obsessed with my hair, LAWD!

Going natural 3 years ago was the best hair decision I ever made even though I chopped off the hair again last year. My hair is my baby. I pamper my hair more than I pamper my skin. It breaks my heart to see people treat their hair poorly. I don’t believe that African hair is too hard, that’s just a lazy excuse. If you think it’s too hard, I’d be glad to prove you wrong.


I love me everything vintage.

There’s just beauty to everything vintage, feels like you’re existing in two different eras at the same time. If I could, everything I own/will own MUST BE vintage.


I love traveling.

What’s more beautiful than discovering other cultures asides yours and embracing your differences? What’s more satisfying than reveling in the wonders of God’s creation?. Certain things I see like how a huge rock balances on a small rock or how two oceans meet but never mix amaze me, I don’t know about you. How about exploring the masterpieces God created and placed in different countries that now serve a purpose there: Tourist Attraction/Wonders of the World



I’m all about feeding my brain properly from here on. I’ve experienced an array of starved brain disorders, lol. I’m on a journey of discovering and trying out a lot of STRATEGY GAMES. I’ve been thinking of GAME NIGHT with friends for the longest time.


There’s just something about the number 7

For me; it’s a number of perfection and it represents a lot of great and positive events in history and my life.

Everything I run away from doing comes back to haunt me in the future.

Reminds me of the story of Jonah in the BIBLE and how running only wasted his time but not God’s. I’ve decided to stop running and just deal with events as they present themselves. It’s frustrating when they give you temporary relief in the present and head on to the future to wait for you… In 3D with popcorn, soda and front row seats.


I don’t joke with my sunglasses.

Recently, it has become an unhealthy obsession. Truth be told, I can’t go out in the sun without my sunglasses; id be squinting throughout. I joke about it a lot with my friends when I say “my future’s too bright so I need to put on sunglasses” I have a good eye for sunglasses, I’d make a good personal sunglasses shopper. Try me


I’m a hopeless romantic when I want to be but no one around me believes it.

I mean I can’t walk around with it on my sleeves but those that have experienced it can testify. Now this doesn’t apply to the male folk only but the females too. Everyone deserves to feel special.


I can’t speak boldly about my LOVE for GOD because I fail HIM every second

But I can spend my entire life talking and writing about his LOVE FOR ME. I love my family (that also includes friends turned family) beyond human comprehension.


It was fun getting to know me a little right? Time to turn tables, I’d like to know you too. Your turn, what’s your 10?

Published by Alicia James