photo of Boynton Canyon

Mysterious Boynton Canyon near Sedona arizona

Written By; Gary Wonning

As the months of the year increased, so did my encounters of things of a "strange and unusual manner". Driving home from Aurora, Indiana one summer evening, I noticed a strange configuration of "stars" in the northwest sky. There were three brightly lit stars placed in a triangular position high in the sky in an area of the sky which I had never seen any stars of any significance before. I became fascinated by this and watched them for the remainder of the trip home, about a forty five minute drive.

Arriving home, I continued watching these stars from my back patio. These "stars" hadn't changed position for over an hour. As I watched, I noticed a fast moving object approaching from the north, it was identical in appearance to the three "stars". As the object approached the three stars, the star at the bottom of the triangle began to move off to the southwest with the new arrival immediately taking its place.

I thought this to be extremely odd, I had never seen an aircraft move across the sky at such a rapid pace and then become perfectly stationary, and I certainly had never before seen a star begin to suddenly move after remaining stationary for such a long period of time.

Little did I then realize that this had not been the first time, nor would it be the last time I would encounter this phenomena, and little did I realize what had really taken place. Many events were taking place that I would have no explanation for several years.


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