I can count on one hand the amount of times that I have removed waste in the past 3 weeks. I have been so constipated for the last month and I have started to try everything that I can think is possible to get things moving again. 

I always have problems with bowel movements, you can read a previous post Here where I decided to do a 7-day gut cleansing. During this time my movements were irregular but it was not constipated. It wasn't that nothing was happening in the digestive system, but it was either really slow movement or really quick movement. I could relieve myself 2-4 times a day and then other days have to force myself. 

Your digestive system, particularly the small intestine, is where the final stage of breakdown occurs and the absorption of nutrients can occur. From here food that isn't broken down and absorbed into the blood stream to be carried through the body, travels through to the large intestine. At this stage of digestion, the large intestine helps to gather the waste that the body didn't need and remove it from the body. 

If the body can't remove the waste, it builds up in the large intestine and affects all of the previous stages in the digestion. Once this starts to occur we get a build up of toxins throughout the body and the body releases these toxins in the only other way it knows how; through the skin. 

As we also talked about in the previous gut healing post, different parts of the skin represent different organs that are releasing toxins and are blocked up. At the moment, with my blockage, my forehead comes out in little-raised bumps. I don't get white head or that type of acne, but little raise acne all over the forehead. This area is specific to the small intestine and liver, which would make sense because with my digestive system blocked there will be a lot of toxins building up in these areas. 

I also get small pimples and oily skin around the side of the mouth, you could call it like the chopper moustache but of bad skin. This area is affected my blockages in the large intestine. 

Last time I had irregular bowel movements I did a 7-day gut cleanse where I ate lots of probiotic and fermented foods, minimised caffeine, meat and drank lots and lots of water. Unfortunately, I think I am a bit further than just irregular moments and am full blown constipated currently. This week I have started making a 'poo concoction' drink to have morning and night including taking probiotic supplements, lots of fermented foods and plenty of water. Im also having loads of detox herbal teas from the Pukka Range which are fill of ginger, liquorice, fennel etc.

img_0592My poo concoction drink is a glass of water with 1/4 teaspoon of vitamin C, a scoop of glutamine and 1 teaspoon of slippery elm. Slippery Elm is a herb from the Northern American Indians. I found it at the Wellington Apothecary in a powdered form to add to either water or yoghurt, but it can also be found dried to be used in tea. Slippery Elm is used to help stimulate nerve ending in the gastrointestinal tract helping to aid movement. Its great for constipation or other digestive problems such as IBS, diverticulitis, ulcers, gut inflammation and acidity problems. 

Im lucky because I don't get bloating with my digestive problems. I don't blow up and look like I am in my second trimester. Instead, my skin goes crazy in those two spots, I get really bad pain throughout my kidneys and lower stomach/uterus area and foul smelling gas. 

I am hoping a month of drinking this concoction and having lots of probiotic, fermented foods will help to create a bit more regularity and movement with my waste. 

Have you guys ever tried anything to help with constipation? Would love to hear other things I can try. 


Published by Samantha Northcott