Lately women have been up in arms about something that seems to be no one's business but everyone's concern: Our bodies. Lately, the body positive movement has swept through social media and is everywhere you go. Women are loving their bodies, taking back the confidence they lost from years of shame, teasing, and overall unpleasantness because they don't look how others thing they "should". All in all this sounds like it is an amazing step for all woman; sadly, it's not. It seems that body positivity only applies to plus size women. While as a plus size woman, I can say that I am happy that other plus size women are finally finding love for the skin they're in, and while I have been Fat shamed in my life, I feel the body positive movement needs to change. Take for example the popular " Real women have curves" A saying used by many body posi babes in encouragement to other curvy ladies. It seems that the people don't realize that this isn't a body positive quote, it's skinny shaming. Yes, skinny shaming, it seems like people don't want to acknowledge that skinny shaming is even a thing. It is, it's just as bad as any other body shaming, and it seems to be part of the body positive starter pack. Regardless of popular plus size voices who mask their skinny shaming by throwing in some nonsense about skinny privilege, it's still body shaming. Self love is not just for one group, and hate is not the path to self acceptance. That skinny girl walking down the street? She's beautiful. Same goes for that girl at the gym with the six pack. That plus size girl rockin a bodycon dress? Beautiful. No matter what body time we have, we are all beautiful. 

Published by Karin H