My addiction to sports is about teamplay and individual brilliance. Currently there are 2 teams in the world who keep me watching because they've found out how to balance one with the other - USWNT and NZ's All Black National Rugby. The rest is take-it-or-leave-it for me. What is shared by USWNT and the All Blacks is a commitment to a collective goal, what is missing from both is excessive wealth.

Without question USWNT deserves EQUAL PAY. It worries me that if they begin to earn the same as world-class soccer-footballers, NBA'ers, NFL'ers and MLB'ers they will become more interested in the money than in the team. It's only human. It is my hope from what I've seen of these young women that their notion of payback to the human community will be similar to the NFL's Chris Long's journey to Africa to find clean water for those without it.

The joy the USWNT brought me/us has been multi-dimensional. Sorry Mr. Lombardi, winning is not the only thing, winning with class is a better thing. The celebration of 13 goals vs Thailand after long term training and sacrifice was justified, Alex Morgan sipping tea after scoring was playful and Lindsay Horan's apology for interrupting UK's Houghton interview was first-class. These athletes were not arrogant, they were a group of smiling young women showing joy in their success. They defeated the best in the world and kudos to the losers for playing like champions.

As a country the USA needed this. We are on the decline primarily because of unbridled greed and a thirst for power. Megan Rapinoe is a well-spoken, thoughtful person who loves her country while being aware that it can and should be better.

Thank you, Megan and the USWNT, for showing the world the best of USA sport and sisterhood. Now it's up to the rest of us to follow your collective lead and refuse to kowtow to values and principles opposed to the idea that all humans in the world are created equal.

ONE for ALL and ALL for ONE in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!


Published by Bill Snyder