I voluntarily received an ARC of All Men Fall by C.M. Lally in exchange for an honest review.


Nick Bailey is a ruined man. 

Once an NFL star, he thought he had it all. Fame. Money. Respect. After losing everything to injury and scandal, he fell from his pedestal, becoming the most hated man in town. Picking up the pieces of a shattered life is harder than it looks, but Nick is tired of being the brooding loner. He wants to move on.

Jenna Moore was born to perform.

She loves the high she gets from being on stage, singing in front of a crowd—even if it’s just at the local bar on weekends. Everyone assumes she wants the rock ‘n roll dream—the stardom, the crowds of adoring fans. But as much as she loves to sing, fame won’t fill the hole in her heart.

Nick has watched Jenna for months, desperate to love her. But the ghosts of his past still haunt him. Could a woman like her ever want a man like him?


After reading her debut novel, I believe C.M. Lally has earned a new title- Queen Lally. Seriously. All Men Fall is that great! There was not a single part of this book that I did not enjoy reading, even the parts that had me worrying. I loved Jenna's attitude and confidence and Nick's protectiveness. I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't read this masterpiece yet, but Jenna's little comment when Nick is dropping her off after the buffet is my favorite part of the book. I was all "You go girl!" and ready to high five her.

I can't wait to read more of Queen Lally's work, so I hope she is busy writing.

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